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HudsonTaco 10/31/2012 3:53:01 PM

 I was at the reunion in Calgary, and I lost all my photos to a virus:( I will be getting this for sure.

mellowdoux 11/1/2012 10:25:41 AM

 I can't wait to see "Shades of Grey" in HD.
Clearly the finest hour in the history of "Star Trek"

Miner49er 11/1/2012 11:32:40 AM

Saw the whole cast here in Calgary. Awesome that it'll be included. Definitely buying. I just hope no discs are messed up this time around like Season 1.

conundrum 11/3/2012 8:22:02 PM

Okay, I'll say it:  Save for a few good episodes, this season was crap.  Scab writers from the writers strike of that day wrote the majority of these throw away episodes.  I only bought the season on DVD to complete the collection.  :\



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