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bear90 5/11/2009 11:43:15 AM



It's Not Your Father's "Star Trek"
mood: Glad I didn't Waste My Money.
Yep, because, if I saw that back in the sixties, I'd have turned it off in a second.
No, I don't really like it.
We know that based on "Fringe" Abrams is more then capable of extensive dialogue.
What we had here (except for the Spock Mark I dialogue) was a series of sound bites intended to evoke shallow memories and buzz words from the previous incarnation.
Perhaps he can do better with the second one, but this felt like more of a "Gosh wow! Look what Paramount is letting me do!" exercise then anything else.
So, now we have the mirror universe, the STAR TREK PRIME universe, and this.
What next, the Doctors show up?

D for the light show.

karas1 5/11/2009 12:41:44 PM

Hobbs, the reason the movies after First contact failed was, they weren't very good movies, ST or no ST.  The highest grossing of the ST films was ST IV because it was a great film.  It's as simple as that.  A really good film will usually make better box office than a mediocre one.

redhairs, perhaps ST has a small fan base compared to to all the people who go to movies every day.  My question is still, why should the movie goers who are not ST fans and not part of the fanbase be more attracted to a Star Trek movie with Kirk than one with Captain Ramalovich?  By definition, they are not fans of the franchise and have no particurlar attraction to Kirk.  They don't know him.

SPOILERS - natch

Now, I actually saw the movie yesterday and it wasn't as horrible as I had expected it to be.  I wrote a long post about some things I didn't like about it in the box office report thread, mostly dealing with why I hated the engineering sets, and so most of you have probably read that already.  (though I will reiterate, Spock and Uhura making out in the elevator?  Nooooooo!)  I disliked other things, about the plot.  Such as, why is EVERY villian in a ST movie fucking nuts?  And how could old Spock and Kirk have such a good view of Vulcan imploding unless the planet they were on was in the same solar system (and really, really close to Vulcan) and I was quite sure that by the time Kirk was ejected from the Enterprise they had been in warp for a while and were most definitely not in the Vulcan system. 

I liked most of the actors (except for Checkov who, IMHO, sucked).  I thougth Quinto was great as Spock, and I loved Scotty.  Pine as Kirk and Urban as Bones were good.   Sulu was fine.  Uhura would have been fine if she hadn't been trying to jump down Spock's throat at every opportunity, though that was a problem with the script, not the actress.

An interesting thing.  I was at at 3:40 showing, there were maybe a dozen people there.  I took my 71 year old mother (she loved it by the way) and while there was was one kid who was there with his grandfather, the other moviegoers were all at least my age, most older.  While I didn't talk to any of them I'm sure they were all Trekkies who had loved the franchise for decades.  There were no young people there who were unfamilliar with the franchise, there to see the pretty explosions.  Of course, the theater in general was pretty dead so it's not like viewers were boycotting the film in favor of seeing something else.  They were just off celebrating Mother's Day in some other way than by going to the movies.

Kara S


popa 5/11/2009 1:37:01 PM

 Here's my question:  How many movies have been made by another party after the original using characters developed for television with a new cast?  Anyone?

Henry H

violator14 5/11/2009 4:29:35 PM

Hey Bear90..... you are the biggest douche bag ive seen on this site. And im not just sayin that cuz i liked star trek.... u just sound like and u seem like u are just a total douche. Go fuck off old man.

br003 5/13/2009 10:21:34 AM

Not jumping on the bandwagon, but, it was better than the rest. I can even overlook the carwash/warehouse interiors.

zaldar 5/15/2009 7:03:09 PM

Can we get a take on the movie from the author of the ten things to be worried about article.  That article pretty much sums up my worries with this movie.  I would like a review from a hard core trekkie (which is what I consider myself) before I go see this.  Thanks!

hfc7036 5/18/2009 4:37:00 AM

With my expectations set REALLY high, this version of Star Trek has shattered those expectations and taken on a new height.  This was exciting and very well executed.  Pick it apart all you want.  I've heard it all.  Sci-Fi fans are truly the pickiest movie goers of all time.  To argue over inconsistencies in a re-boot is illogical.  This isn't daddy's Star Trek.  This is a story that latched onto Star Trek and pulled the franchise along with it and create something that was familiar, but fresh and new.  It's not putting on an old shirt, it's buying a new shirt that looks JUST LIKE the old one.  Abrams has delivered big time and used Star Trek theory to re-create star trek.  That is, when the first sequence unfolds, everything we knew about the series changed, because so many lives and decisions were affected from the point on.  So argue away Trek fans.  It's a state of denial.  And oh yes, I was a huge fan of the original, next gen., DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.  I simply don't compare those to this one.  It's a re-boot.  Why would I?

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