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jdnx01 5/6/2009 9:01:04 AM

All signs point to this movie being awesome.  I know the heart of some of the original fans will be broken with the changes to the continuity, but the spirit of the series should be the same.  You can hate all of the new fans all you guys want, but they are the future of the franchise.  Sure Berman and Braga hurt the franchise, but closed minded Trekkies couold spell the second death of the franchise.  New fans and a new audience will cause a brach off to all things trek and only an actual audience will allow for Trek to continue.  This is the last shot it will probably get if there is no audience.

TheStormrider 5/6/2009 9:08:36 AM

The alternative to rebooting,  is letting every existing star trek fan go see this movie 24.2333 (repeating) times each.  Which is far too much time away from the 'command center' (basement:)

Ive liked trek off and on over the years,  but I was a SW kid.  Ive enjoyed a season here and there, and a movie here and there,  but overall, for it to get people interested,  it needed more than wallmart sliding doors,  cell phones,  and teleporters.

I have to say though,  I saw the 'short' of kirk running from the ice beast,  and I hope thats one of the crappy parts of the film.

Because that clip was terrible. 

gauleyboy420 5/6/2009 10:31:03 AM








tired of defending this movie...

It's gonna be spectacular!!!!!

89...90...91...92... HOLY SHIT! That computer panel only had 92 rivets!!

gauleyboy420 5/6/2009 10:31:47 AM

BTW, good review Rob,

But I had to chuckle when I saw you took the sentence to bash on some Heroes ;)

fft5305 5/6/2009 10:48:23 AM

Love your review, gauley! The sad part is, that probably could have been taken verbatim from some comments people have left about this movie... I think my favorite part was "I was molested once but..."  Wait... How sick does that make me sound?  Aw, f--- it.  I am pretty sick. Deal with it.

avidfan 5/6/2009 10:49:40 AM

I am glad to see a good review.  Cannot wait to see Star Trek 90210!

hanso 5/6/2009 10:53:37 AM

Tom Rothman is Satan.  Fox is the 37 circle of hell and the people that work there are demons.  True Story.

StarlightGuard 5/6/2009 11:08:14 AM

I'm curious hanso, are you including Fox News in that as well? :)

and, has anyone actually considered the possibility of letting something die?

you know, stories do end...even if Trek died today, we'd still have a hell of a lot of material to remember it by....

oh they can make fun of me all they want...hell I make fun of myself....but the one thing that has held 4 shows and 10 movies together was the continuity...

byzarro had a good point at the end of the "10 Reasons To Be Worried" article.....Abrams and company wasn't making it for nuts like me.....they just want to make a "good movie..."

well why not? it looks and acts like everything else out they've accomplished that day gauleyboy, someone will turn their attention on something you love, and it's likely they won't appreciate it like you do.....and I won't be there to laugh at you, I'll say "now you understand....."

hanso 5/6/2009 11:31:49 AM

Cheer up Starlight, even hardcore Star Trek fans are saying it's a good flick.

gauleyboy420 5/6/2009 11:43:43 AM

1st - LOL Hanso (as usual)


StarlightStarbright - YES FOX NEWS IS INCLUDED!, In fact FAUX NEWS is the ONLY part of the FUX network I cannot defend.

-AND they have turned their attention to some stories and characters I love, ummm Cann you say Ang Lee's HULK! Didn't like it, but it didn't ruin the Hulk for me, or my love of the character (Although Jeph Loeb is working on that in his current run)

Spiderman 3- yeah didn't like it,(but I'll still watch it on cable or Netflix) But it didn't ruin my childhood. or any fond memories me and Soidey have...Hmmm, I remember the day me and Spidey put pennies on the train tracks out back of my gramma's farm....pennies was her dog.

Godzilla- yeah Not so great (the americanzilla) but I can still watch my copyt of Mech zilla vs. Godzilla, without wondering where Amerizilla fits in to continuity.

I'm sure there are many more but I just wanna show all of you that I don't fall in love with every movie adaption of stuff I like, but it doesn't destroy my life either, FURTHERMORE it doesn't affect my continuing enjoyment of said property. If I like something better in the old version , I WATCH THE OLD ONES ON DVD!!

OH and I must've forgot to mention, even though I don't dress up like a starfleet cadet, and don't know a word of Klingon, I AM A FAN OF STAR TREK. FUCK ALL YOU "Trekkies" that feel you have some sort of ownership of it, or your more entitled to ST than the rest of us (Less fanatical) fans!! I watched Star Trek every f-ing day after school in Syndication. Drew so many goddam pictures of the Enterprise, and later my own Ships. Was there when Picard took over , so I'm a fan, and this movie is for me too!!!


102...103...104...105... HOLY SHIT! That paragragh only had 105 rivets!


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