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violator14 4/17/2013 11:27:48 PM

 The ONLY bad thing about this news is that you realize that someday you're gonna die, and NOT be able to watch episode #50, or Yoda #22 and  etc. 

i say bring them all on!!! Ill take as many Disney- produced Star Wars feasts I can fit in my belly....Good or bad!!!

TY Mickey Mouse!!

SarcasticCaveman 4/17/2013 11:58:13 PM

 I'm with violator, totally.  People seem to love quoting "I have a bad feeling about this" in relation to this announcement, but all I know is that for the first time since 1998, I'm actually excited about Star Wars...and the feeling is GREAT.

Noovtere 4/18/2013 12:58:49 AM

I think we've already seen with the Phantom Menace that there can be too much Star Wars.


SarcasticCaveman 4/18/2013 1:13:58 AM

 All Phantom Menace proved was that there can be too much George Lucas.  The guy who made Phantom Menace is not the same guy who made Star Wars, BEFORE it was called "A New Hope."  The two best movies, according to general consensus, are Empire and Jedi, neither of which were directed by him.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/18/2013 1:48:03 AM

Um, Phantom Menace was the first new SW in a long while, stupid. How is that too much? Good or not.

Wiseguy 4/18/2013 6:43:27 AM

All Phantom Menace proved to me was that some characters need to stay in drawing board. Outside of that (JJ Binks) most everything else was golden

Wiseguy 4/18/2013 6:44:10 AM

Oh and yeah...what violator said

monkeyfoot 4/18/2013 7:03:46 AM

"Why-za peoples allatime a hatins on Jar Jar? Meeza thinkin you no like Gungans cuz we so special. Weeza make popcorn moviez time superz!"

Roqueja 4/18/2013 7:56:08 AM

The wait between Empire and Jedi almost killed me.  If nothing else, this sounds promising to say the least.  I really like the Tales of the Bounty Hunters and Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina, and would like those kind of stories up on the big screen.

noahbody 4/18/2013 7:57:06 AM

GL was heavily  involved ROTJ, and I would say Episodes IV & V are considered the best.

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