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Star Wars Battlefront II Problems

By ARW     -
Source: GameFAQs


Released in 2005, Star Wars Battlefront II attempts to combine first-person and third-person shooters with strategic elements. The game was popular upon release. It features vehicles, weapons and characters from the Star Wars series in an all-new campaign based upon events in the movies. Battlefront II is also well-known for its online multiplayer, which pits people across the globe against each other in the Star Wars series' most famous battles. As with any game, play is a balancing act between an enjoyable difficulty and frustration. Overcoming Star Wars Battlefront II's frustrations is essential to enjoying what the game has to offer. Problems can come in myriad forms, from in-game level difficulty to hardware troubles. Combating problems with or within your copy of Star Wars Battlefront II doesn't have to be an impossible experience, however.

Final Mission

The last mission of Star Wars Battlefront II has taken down many a good strategist. The first difficulty is the 21-minute time limit, which can put a lot of pressure on players. To beat this difficult mission, begin with the two command posts. Advance quickly in an AT-AT and focus all your fire on turrets and troops. Troops will respawn, making your goal more about containment than elimination. Keep the troop numbers low enough that your own foot soldiers can make inroads on the post. To claim each command post, you will have to get out of your vehicle. Once the command posts are down, target your AT-AT fire on the shield generator. Invade the hangar with ground troops, but be sure to have an engineer along to take the control point.
From this point you'll be playing as Vader himself. Your eventual goal will be to return to the hangar, bearing a bomb beacon. Cover the beacon for a full minute and the base will be destroyed. The key in guarding the bomb beacon is to keep rebel troops at a distance, since they'll use grenades to attack the beacon. If you lose Vader, switch immediately to an engineer, which can make repairs to the beacon.


One of the most difficult, but worthwhile, pursuits in Star Wars Battlefront II is the reward system. Impressive actions in battle can result in earning these rewards. Not only will these awards give you enhanced battlefield perks, they also grow stronger the more times you receive the specific reward in combat. This means that rewards are valuable in the moment, but also for the continued upgrade of your player in all future battles. Some rewards include Marksman, in which you get six sniper headshots without dying, and Demolition, which is earned after four critical hits with the rocket launcher. Earn either of these rewards 64 times and the perks, a beam rifle and guided rocket launcher respectively, will remain a permanent part of your arsenal.

Cheat Codes

Unhappy with certain elements of Star Wars Battlefront II? Having trouble bypassing an especially hard segment? Cheat codes may be just the thing you need to overcome your problems. All codes in Star Wars Battlefront should be input on the D-pad, with each letter indicating a direction (Up, Down, Left, Right). For invincibility input U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R. For unlimited ammo input U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, R.


Of course, some problems occur before you can even play the game. If it's not difficulty with a mission troubling you, but performance issues, then you might need to download a patch. Particularly if you want to play online, you will need to download the Battlefront 1.1 performance patch. This download will automatically repair a number of stability issues with the game.

System Requirements

If you are having slowdown issues with your gameplay in Star Wars Battlefront II, then you may want to make sure that your computer is up to the task. The first requirement is a Windows 2000, XP or Vista system. Your system must be at least an Athlon or Pentium 4 running at 1.4 GHz. Required RAM is 256 MB, but you should have a gigabyte to run the game smoothly. Finally, it is important that you have DirectX fully upgraded, at least to DirectX 9.0.


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