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Squeaky893 1/10/2013 9:04:13 AM

When is this arc going to end?  There is no reason why we need five episodes with nothing but droids and a stupid little frog.

silverspear67 1/10/2013 9:09:34 AM

 First!!  Seriously, we're half way through the season and we've had one episode dealing with Darth Maul.  I can't believe they've wasted so many episodes on unin.teresting storylines. I'm guessing the last three episodes will be dealing with the Sith.  I wouldn't be complaining if the trailer for season 5 didn't make me think that they would focus on Maul, Savage and the Deathwatch.

silverspear67 1/10/2013 9:14:29 AM

 Ooops!  Not first!!! You beat me to it Squeaky, as I was typing.  LOL!!  Anyway you are right, Squeaky, enough is enough!  Let's get to good stuff already!!

RobertTrate 1/10/2013 9:27:49 AM

 I agreed with you guys until I saw last week's episode. I loved it. I'll review this arc on a whole when it is done. Sure I want more Maul, Sith, and even some more Obi-Wan... hold fast, I'm sure the show is building o something. 

jedibanner 1/10/2013 9:57:09 AM

The last episode kind of redeemed the arc IMO...let's hope it does end soon though.

millean 1/10/2013 12:39:25 PM

Yeah, not only has it been several episodes about a droid special forces team with R2, but to make it worse, it has been a droid special forces team with R2 and we hardly even see R2.  The last episode was pretty good, but I'm tired of that frog and annoying pit droid.

RobertTrate 1/10/2013 12:45:41 PM

 Check out the other clip linked above... its R2 the action hero

Squeaky893 1/11/2013 5:16:33 AM

Nobody is saying R2 isnt great, but after 5 seasons of droids, jedi in their hayday, grevious, clones, even that annoying pirate is more interesting than this arc.  I almost hate to admit that I enjoy looking at the scenery (or lack thereof in this case) than was was going on.  The visuals on the planet and when they were going through the meteor shower/belt were great.



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