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tasslehoffjr 1/23/2008 12:35:01 AM
I first read these back when thet were first published. The series is a must have for an expended universe fan. The storytelling and the story itself is as clever as Zahn's books. The comic series was so succesfull they published another series with the same title. It wasn't half bad. But you should get this one for a great story.
jedi4sshield 1/23/2008 2:52:34 PM
Me too, I loved this series. All the training involved in being a Royal Guard is awesome. The best thing about them is the combat Armor, very cool.
themovielord 1/23/2008 3:49:47 PM
Back when Dark Horse started doing their expanded universe saga the rest of comics were bogged down in mulitiple covers and clones. I have the originals and the stories were great. Thanks Tim, now I gotta dig out the Star Wars long box...


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