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DarthoftheDead 10/31/2012 2:10:37 PM

 If Disney is going to forego the skywalker theme, Maybe they'll do something from the Old Republic...

I would love to see Darth Bane on the big screen, lol, big surprise there right, lol

wish 10/31/2012 2:32:32 PM

Keith, I'm with you on that 100%  And I was glad to hear you guys got off light in Montreal, my folks live in NL and I was worried that the storm would drown that little island!

The Han Solo trilogy and the young Han Solo trilogy are both something that needs to be brought to the screen be it big or small!! 

Oh man, I can see this thread going to 10,000 with all our excited fanboy talk!!!

violator14 10/31/2012 2:42:17 PM

THey'll probably end up buying Google, Apple, Saudi Arabia, and Al Qaeda next.

vitieddie 10/31/2012 2:56:30 PM

@hanso ... haha yea i'm just seeing all negatives for WB at the moment ... couldn't help saying it out

@wish ... i was just thinking about your comments on continuing a franchise ... i think the original trilogy is done and dusted ... it told a story with those characters ... the new movies should be from the SW universe with maybe a couple of the old characters appearing ... but i wouldn't want to see new actors play luke, han, etc .... its a bit different from the other franchises (Bond, Indy, etc) ... IMO

axia777 10/31/2012 3:27:55 PM

 Let's all remember that Joe Johnson, who made the bad ass Captain America, still wants to make the Boba Fett movie. A Boba Fett movie by Johnson under the guidenace of Disney would KICK ASS. Period.

And if they do ANYTHING for Han Solo is should be a live action show of the adventures of Solo amd Chewie.  :D

wish 10/31/2012 4:09:34 PM

vitieddie, personally I'm done with the Skywalker saga, I think it's run its course and now it's time to show us more of this perplexing and amazing galaxy.  There is always room for those characters to appear or cameo but I don't want to see them re-cast to propagte thier stories,  I know I just said above about Han Solo getting his due, and that's honestly the only exception because his stories, the trilogy in the early 90's and the young Han Solo stories from later that decade are awesome stories with lots of history, but yeah a TV show on the smuggling adventures of Han and Chewie would be 10seasons and top rated!!

axia, Joe Johnson would be a pretty good choice to do that movie, but Tarantino or Rodriguez would be even better!  Can you imagine?  Disney signs Tarantino for The Bounty Hunter Wars storyline!  Now THAT is a killer story starring the one and only Bobba Fett and his crazy ass life after ROTJ!!

I loved Zahn's trilogy but I don't want to see it on film

Dark Empire was amazing and if they had done it closer to ROTJ it have worked but both of those series only serve to re-live the glory of the original trilogy and it is a bit narrow minded considering how hard Lucasfilm has worked over the last 3 decades to expand the SW universe.

Regardless of what they choose, it's likely there'll be lots of announcements over the next few weeks about who's working on this movie, that'll start to shed some light on where they are going with the story for episode 7. 

2.5years is not a lot of time to make the kind of film a SW film usually is, so they've already been working on it is my guess........details won't stay secret for very long now


axia777 10/31/2012 4:27:17 PM

Yeah wish that would be cool but it will never happen.

vitieddie 10/31/2012 4:30:58 PM

@wish ... lol ... i meant to reply to Wise ... as he was mentioning Bond, Indy etc ... although reading it again, he was talking about Indy not SW ... but its all good - i get what you mean about Han Solo  :)

masbro76 10/31/2012 5:50:06 PM

Yes!!! im so glad that this happened. Im a big StarWars fan, and when i heard of George retireing, and the TV starwars never gonna make it, i was afriad starwars was truly over. Just like episode 4, we have a new hope. To quote Yoda "No, there is another". I would love to see episode 7 get made, but the rumors of it being made have been around since the late 80's, think i'll wait for casting to get excited about that one, but still loving this news!!!

Red: seeing Mara Jade and Admiral Than would be awesome!!!

almostunbiased 10/31/2012 6:53:48 PM

180 comments, this is the most i've seen in a while.

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