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Footage from coming film screened over the weekend.

By Frank Kurtz     July 23, 2001
Source: T'Bone's Star Wars Universe

STAR WARS creator George Lucas gets dressed up for the 2001 MTV Movie Awards.
© 2001 Sue Schneider

Besides previews of numerous other projects, footage from STAR WARS: EPISODE II was screened at this last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con International.

A tipster by the name of "Fatboy Roberts" checked in with T'Bone's Star Wars Universe site. Here are some of the things he saw screened at the convention STAR WARS: COnnections panel... but first, what the source says could also be considered slight spoiler stuff. Even though Lucasfilm allowed the footage to be shown, what is reported may also affect your enjoyment of the final film. If your nervous, click on a story link at the bottom of the page to go elsewhere. If not, read on.

Still there?

You were warned.

Here are some of the things Fatboy reports to have seen:

* "Jango unloading (lasers to be added later) with his two blasters, on someone offscreen. There's a little bit of McCallum talking about Jango and Boba, but ha ha, sneaky editors, they made sure to only mention Boba's name when showing Jango, and Jango's name only when Daniel Logan (who's playing Boba Fett, of course) was onscreen.

* "Sansweet said Count Dooku's name twice, and both times, pronounced it "Doh-Koo" like 'Doh!' as in Homer Simpson dropping something on his foot, and Koo as in "Koo Koo" just to break it down to it's last compound."

* "The first glimpse ever of Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa was seen, and homeboy looks straight REGAL."

* "Anakin jumping around and trying to wrestle an animatronic stand in for the Shaak Ti--which looks a lot bigger than I thought it was. It's about the size of a big horse. I'm pretty certain it was the Shaak Ti and not the Reek. Padme, or a Padme stand in, was off to the side, in a regal looking outfit, ornate headdress and all. Definitely not what she'd be wearing in the Geonosis arena. If I remember correctly, Anakin was wearing his robes..which he's not in Geonosis, we think. He was doing goofy stuff like leg drops and headlocks. The last two things there may not be much in the way of evidence--but the first one pretty much cements it, in my opinion."

* "About 15 jedi, in a loose circle, Anakin, Obi Wan and Padme included (Padme's not a jedi, of course) on the Geonosis arena floor. What makes this cool is that all the Jedi are going CRAZY with their lightsabers. There's one in particular who twirls TWO sabers with such amazing speed--yikes."

* "Obi-Wan leaping up onto the Kamino platform, rain pouring down. He's lookin quite determined, in this shot. This looks to be either at the very beginning or the very end of a rain battle that Sansweet himself described as 'kick-ass' - which it's always funny to hear 50 year old geeks say 'kick-ass.'"

* "Mace windu doing his own fancy saber work, Jango moving around the perimeter of the arena cautiously..."

To get even more details of what was shown, click on the source link about and follow T'Bone's directions.


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