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Star Wars: Episode VII 2014-2015 Calendar

Predicting The Wild Ride

By Robert T. Trate     June 03, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII 2014-2015 Calendar by Mania
© Lucasfilm/ Disney
Mania's Star Wars Calendar is our best guess at trying to predict the pivotal events of 2014 through 2015 for the return of Star Wars. Now, JJ Abrams is notorious for keeping things from the fans. He is a man who likes to keep everything a secret until the film arrives. To be honest, I’m all for it. There will be years to analyze and ponder over a every little tidbit. Don’t believe me? We saw this little guy already (seen below) and people have gone crazy.

So what’s next? The first teaser trailer of course. 
Disney is the key factor in Star Wars’ return. With a new slate of properties Disney can promote/ showcase the Star Wars teaser trailer with anything. If they have a smaller project, insert the trailer. If they are uneasy about a project, insert the trailer. There are two obvious combinations that the Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer can be paired with, Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6.
August 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy arrives August 1st, 2014. The chances of a teaser trailer is very unlikely. The best we could hope for is a an all black screen, a bearded Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, igniting a lightsaber, only to be followed by a new cast member doing the same. Again, very unlikely. It would drive fans crazy.

November 2014


Big Hero 6 is a better choice. The timing is right,  Big Hero 6 arrives November 7, 2014. This gives Disney, Lucasfilm, and Bad Robot a chance to give us the fans some serious footage. Not to mention an official title. The previously mentioned teaser would be fine, but something like the following would be perfect:

December 2014

If the powers that be really wanted to hold out, the best movie to pair the Episode VII teaser trailer with would be The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (December 17th, 2014). It would be a perfect pairing and one day shy of a year until the premiere of the film. The third Hobbit film is not a Disney release, but being so close to the release date and the holidays, it is the ideal choice for Disney. The big live action Disney release at Christmas is Into the Woods (December 25th). Disney is not going to release the trailer on Christmas Day.

February 2015

Toys play a huge part in the Star Wars marketing machine. When the Episode One toys arrived, there were midnight sales at Toys ‘R’ Us and people came out in droves. Their debut was just over one month before Episode One arrived. Times have changed, though. The International Toy Fair in New York City (February 14-17) is now a marketing blitz for all the big summer properties. There, we get our first look at the heroes and villains that will populate both the toy shelves and the theaters. Episode VII will still be 10 months away. If anything, we will probably get a sneak peek figure of a Jedi Master Luke or the latest Stormtrooper. Yes, Toy Fair 2015 is going to be frustrating and one big tease.

April 2015

As fate would have it, Star Wars Celebration takes place in Anaheim (April 16 - 19). Yes, the same Anaheim that houses Walt Disneyland. By this point, principal photography should be finished, outside of pick-ups. Star Wars Celebration will literally be the cornucopia of Episode VII information. Another deciding factor in who will attend Star Wars Celebration is how close Anaheim is to Bad Robot’s Production offices as well as Lucasfilm. It is a short plane ride. Trust me, I’ve done it. The film will be exactly 8 months away. 

Star Wars Celebration would also be the most ideal place to unveil the toys for Episode VII. Now I doubt we will see all the toys, but perhaps there will be a new Millennium Falcon on display? I honestly believe we will see that little desert dude from the Abrams video again as a figure.

May and June 2015
Disney’s big summer 2015 event is Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1st). A full length trailer here is a given. It’s a perfect starting point for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, too. Disney has had Star Wars Weekends in the works for years, far before they became Lucasfilm’s parent company. These weekends in May and June turn Disney Studios into a Star Wars playground. It will be a great opportunity for new cast members to get out and meet with the fans. It will also be the biggest question dodge in history, because that trailer will ignite the collective lightsabers all over the world. The one thing that could change everything is Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland (arrives May 22nd). Avengers: Age of Ultron is hands-down a box office winner. Tomorrowland is a new property and attaching a Star Wars trailer to the film will help its box office. This would also mean that Disney would have to keep the trailer off the internet until the following Monday.

July 2015


Comic Con 2015 (rumored to be July 8 -12) could be either a big reveal or another asteroid dodge for Star Wars. It is the ideal place to promote an upcoming film. However, with Star Wars Celebration and Star Wars Weekends, why even bother with an incredibly over-saturated event? The one constant at Comic Con, for years, has been a Star Wars presence. They have always had a booth. It is also true that the first Star Wars poster was given away at Comic Con. Perhaps this might be the ideal place to hand one out? More than likely, Disney and Marvel’s release of Ant-Man (currently July 17th) will hold more Star Wars news than Comic Con. 
D23 is Walt Disney’s version of Comic Con which runs August 14-16 in Anaheim. Will this be a launching point for new Episode VII news? With only 4 months to go, one has to wonder what Disney and JJ Abrams will be willing to reveal. This would the ideal place to release or reveal anything about the film. So what, they didn’t attend Comic Con? No one will care when whatever news they release arrives. That news will dominate pop culture, not the snubbing of Comic Con. 
September to December 2015
September to December is a blitz of activity. The toys will become available. Another John Williams score will arrive. There will be tons of movie books and a novelization of the film. Let us not forget that Disney now owns Marvel, so new comics will already be on the shelf for Star Wars. There are two monkey wrenches in this mad scheme. Star Wars Rebels and Gareth Edwards’s Stand-Alone Star Wars film. Pictures will undoubtedly surface for that film as well as casting news, and the production of Episode VIII could already be underway. Star Wars Rebels, a weekly series, will be the perfect launching place for debuts of TV Spots and clips. All we have to do is look at Disney’s Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. for comparisons. Plus, the Star Wars: Battlefront video game should arrive before Episode VII, as well. It will be a crazy ride, one that we hope pays off like no other Star Wars film has before. 
December 17th, 2015 
It was done with Harry Potter, Twilight and the Marvel Avengers’ movies, so why wouldn’t we see all six seven movies in one day? Sure, it sounds crazy, but it was done before (see poster below) and what better way to celebrate the return of Star Wars than a day at the movies? The big appeal or draw could be that the original trilogy will be their original theatrical releases. It would probably have to start at 10:00 am with ample times for breaks to run the previous six films. Don’t think that someone hasn’t already started to plan it. Imagine what the poster will be like for that screening? Think of the bragging rights!

December 18th, 2015 

12:01 AM - watch Star Wars: Episode VII.

December 19th, 2015

See Episode VII, again. 

Are we crazy Maniacs? Did we miss something? Sound off below!

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mlaforce 6/3/2014 1:03:44 AM

 Is that a Yoda type creature I am seeing in that first picture with JJ? Sure looks like the same species... Damn I can't wait for this to hit theaters...



VioLatorr 6/3/2014 8:14:24 AM

 It's actually happening....

Redshirt1 6/3/2014 11:38:21 AM

While there is not an official name for Yoda's species. Other members of the race have appeared in video games, most noteably Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and The Old Republic. In the Star Wars Role Playing Game I believe the species is refered to as a Will, but it has been years since I've played the game so I may be wrong, or it may be misspelled. However, the species shown with Abrams is not the same. It is too tall has a different head and eye shapes and no visible ears. If you compare it to the picture of Yoda (also shown above) you can see it is something else.

monkeyfoot 6/3/2014 11:56:55 AM

Redshirt, could you mean Whill? In some of the earliest versions of the Star Wars story the Whills were immortal beings who recorded the events in Star Wars. Some fans think they might be the race Yoda belongs to.

SinisterPryde 6/3/2014 11:57:14 PM

Now that I have seen images from the set and the recent construction photos of the Millenium Falcon I am feeling myself throuwing caution to the wind and getting excited.  While there will no doubt be tons of CG in the movie, it looks like we'll also be seeing actual sets and puppets/costumes!

The creature in the photo with Abrams is definietly not from Yoda's species.  It appeared in a short video and you got to see more of it as it walked behind Abrams and looked at him.

Redshirt1 6/4/2014 6:58:43 AM

Could very well be. As I said it was years ago that I played the Role Playing game and came across the reference.



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