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STAR WARS: NEW JEDI ORDER Climax is in Sight

The Epic STAR WARS Novel Series Will Come to a Close in 2003

By Chris Wyatt     August 09, 2002

© 2001 Del Rey

The popular STAR WARS epic novel series, NEW JEDI ORDER is slated to come to a close in November of 2003 with the release of STAR WARS: NEW JEDI ORDER, UNIFYING FORCE.

The NEW JEDI ORDER books take place many years after the events of the film RETURN OF THE JEDI and chronicle the war between the New Republic and Jedi-killing alien invaders called the "Yuuzhan Vong".

STAR WARS insiders aren't willing to give up many plot details, especially because there will be several NEW JEDI books between now and the 2003 release of UNIFYING FORCE. However, the book's publisher has confirmed that the novel will bring solid closure to the "Yuuzhan Vong" storyline.

Venerable STAR WARS author James Luceno has been selected by editors to write the closing novel in the series. Luceno is the best-selling author of STAR WARS: CLOAK OF DECEPTION as well as the new, non-STAR WARS novel WEB WARRIORS: MEMORIES END.

The end of the NEW JEDI ORDER books will not, however, mean an end to original novels using the characters of Luke, Leia and Han. Other novels, set chronologically between RETURN OF THE JEDI and NEW JEDI ORDER will be published.

Fans of STAR WARS novels will be excited to hear that one of these future non-NEW JEDI ORDER books is set to feature the character of Chewbacca, who, in the world of the novels, has long since died.


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