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jedi4sshield 5/24/2012 4:03:39 PM

4 to 5 million Is completely ridiculous. The Clone Wars animated show at times have scenes that are almost rendered to be believable, but for live action all you need to do is step up the quality and rendering. Also Lucasfilm has such a large freakin library of CGI models that frankly they have no shortage that they can reuse instead of having to create all new models!

Actors cost money but they dont need elaborate sets seeing as most of it will be in blue screen anyway. Lucasfilm is simply embelishing on the money's involved and I don't believe for one second that it would cost this much to make 1 episode. The other factor about this series is if they are still keen on goin with the No Jedi route, I'm not so sure I want to see it.

DarthoftheDead 5/25/2012 11:48:21 AM

@jedi4ssheild - No jedi? Seriously? I think I better do some research........

keithdaniel 5/25/2012 9:52:28 PM

I actually think it's a good idea that they're going to leave the Jedi out of it (or at least minimize their appearances) because the entire film series has been about them so it's good to see that they'll be taking a different approach from that.  Besides, as great as the Jedi were, they're only one part of that entire SW universe.  There is the rise of the rebellion, the whole bounty hunter/ smuggler/gangster world of Jabba the Hut etc. that they could explore, as well as the Imperials.

jedi4sshield 5/29/2012 6:19:20 AM

DarthoftheDead an Episode should not need to be more than 2 to 3 million dollars tops. Your the one who needs to do their damn research! Here's some Scifi shows you can look up and then come back on the forum and post your findings. Star Trek (any series), Stargate (any of them), I can name a whole lot more but that would just be embarrassing you. A scifi show has a range from 1.4 million to 2 to 3 million for a decent episode. The 4 to 5 million range is still way over budget for a typical show and for 6 or 7 million the show has to be supremely popular otherwise it usually results in pure cancelation!!

BunyonSnipe 5/29/2012 1:12:01 PM

I feel the opposite, the time of the Jedi is over, anyone with force based abilities will be deep in hiding, if not already dead!

I actually got quite pissed off when they added jedi to the Star Wars Galaxies MMO not to mention Battlefront 2...

Jedi are NOT the be all and end all of the Star Wars universe, afterall.

jedi4sshield 5/29/2012 7:37:07 PM

I can partially agree with you on this BunyonSnipe the SW Galaxy can live on without the Jedi but I still feel that the Jedi is Synonymous with Star Wars. After all, the movies have the Title Star Wars (emphasis on Wars) and not Star Galaxy. What War would Star Wars be like without the Jedi? As we all know the Rebellion really wasnt doing to hot until Luke came along so the only thing this show will be showcasing is showing the many stall attempts by the Newly forming Rebellion against the Empire until Luke comes on the scene! Yeah they'll be bounty hunter stuff but for me it won't be the same.

Why is it  we can't see the continuation of the Jedi purge during these left over years leading up to Luke Skywalker. Why do we have to just easily pronounce all the Jedi dead (except for Yoda & Ben). Also there might be more alive if you want to go the expanded universe route. I would feel just let down if we didnt see like a one on one with a Jedi Knight and Vader on some moon or something would be freaking awesome. I'm not gonna hold my breath for this though, it'll come out (it'll take forever) when it comes out and I'l give it a try regardless. Expect a full review right here on Mania, I wont pull any punches muhahahahaha!

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