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Starchild Investigation Update

More News from the Alien Underground

By Lloyd Pye     January 17, 2009

The Starchild Skull
© Lloyd Pye


As we enter this potentially momentous new year, things are accelerating with the Starchild skull. The last update announced that a British TV documentary company had committed the $200,000 needed to pay for the Starchild's DNA to be tested by the highly sophisticated protocol developed by 454 Life Science technology. This test will be done during three to four months in the middle of the year, and the finished film will be shown on TV around the world in the latter part of 2009. That hour-long special is still on track and looking good at this point.
This coming weekend, on Sunday, January 18th, we'll be in Houston filming a segment of the popular History Channel show, "UFO Hunters." We'll be one segment among several that will examine the question of Grey aliens. I'm told the finished episode could be broadcast as soon as March or April of this year.
More widespread publicity will come from an extensive "overview" article in Nexus Magazine that I will write for its next issue, due out in March-April, the same time as the "UFO Hunters" show is due to be broadcast.
I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and that the economic meltdown has impacted you as lightly as possible. Ten trillion dollars seems to have gone somewhere, so I hope at least some of it has found its way into your pockets!


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