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The Starchild Odyssey Continues

Alien Skull to Tour Britain

By Bart Saint-David     June 13, 2009

Lloyd Pye displays the Starchild Skull during a lecture.
© Lloyd Pye


We are pleased to see that our old pal Lloyd Pye will be back in England next week on a Starchild Skull lecture tour. Discovered as part of the remains of two skeletons unearthed in Mexico in the 1930s, this enigmatic skull has been the source of much controversy in the UFO genre since it was made public nearly a decade ago.
In the summer of 2003, DNA testing showed that the Starchild's mother was human and its father was not. After this tantalizing result, Lloyd has been trying concertedly to raise enough funding to conduct more conclusive DNA tests.
Now a British TV documentary company had committed the $200,000 needed to pay for the Starchild's DNA to be tested by the highly sophisticated protocol developed by 454 Life Science technology. This will be done over the next three to four months and the finished film shown on TV around the world in the latter part of 2009.
The results of this new test could tell us precisely how far the Starchild's DNA differs from normal human DNA, which may in turn provide overwhelming proof that the Starchild is indeed "alien" to a degree that simply can't be denied. Thus, the undeniable proof of alien reality that we've all been looking for could, in fact, be the very skull that Lloyd Pye has been holding in his hands for nearly ten years.
In the run-up to the testing, Lloyd will be giving exclusive lectures in the following locations:-
Saturday June 20--London, UK
An afternoon with Lloyd Pye, presented by Belinda McKenzie, the Starchild Project's UK Head Of Operations, from 1.30-5.00pm at the University of London Union, Malet St, London WC1E 7HY. (Goodge St tube station). 
Thursday June 25--Nottingham, UK 
Doors open 7pm at The Belgrave Rooms in Nottingham (a short distance from the Nottingham Royal Center). Lloyd will give a detailed two hour presentation followed by a Q&A and time to hold and photograph the skull replicas.
Saturday June 27--Leeds, UK 
Lloyd will speak at 3.45pm as part of the Exopolitics UK Conference at Leads Metropolitan University Civic quarter campus. There will be a variety of interesting presentations during the day, and Lloyd will be available through most of the day for public handling and photography of the skull replicas.
For more information, visit the Starchild Project website here.


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Riddick316 6/13/2009 2:43:10 AM

What????The father was probably a Mexican on mescalin and ate a lot of chilis.... whatever........

spiderhero 6/13/2009 5:54:37 AM

The fact that comprehensive DNA analysis hasn't been done yet is evidence that the skull is just some weird defect. I know alien/human hybrids are great grist for the Sci-Fi genre, the odds against it are too staggering to contemplate. 1-Life exists on other planets. X 2-That life came here. X 3-That life was similar enough to humans that it could successfully mate. X 4-The pairing produced offspring. X 5-A skull from that offspring managed to survive to be discovered.

On the opposing side: 1-A human had some profound (and probably unpleasant) birth defect. X 2-That skull surviving to be found.

Apply Ockham's razor to conclude.

jedi4sshield 6/13/2009 4:28:48 PM

I hope it proves that the father has Alien DNA, that would be awesome.

RogerXXII 6/14/2009 10:06:09 PM

 That particular form of deformation - although uncommon in its most advanced stage, as seen here - is what is known in the XXIst century as "acute RLC derangement syndrome".

One can notice various degrees of it simply by attending a symposium on the topic, and scanning the crowd and speakers.

What is fascinating about this discovery, is that it establishes that the disease is timeless, and isn't RLC-specific, as scientists had previously thought.  It's probably related to "Menopausal Magdalenian syndrome", as it exhibits a number of common fibers... um, I mean threads...



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