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Static Shock Producer Talks About New Season

    January 16, 2003

TheComics Continuum recently interviewed Alan Burnett, supervising producer of StaticShock. Burnett talked about changes in the upcoming season, like aslightly older Static and more mature villains. Burnett also said the overalltone of the show is evolving.

"Thepalette of the show has gotten darker this season," Burnett said."especially after the success of the Static/Batman team-up last season.That was a show that went darker than we usually went, with more night scenes.And after that show, everybody went, 'Let's go in that direction.' So we'regetting Static out from under the sun."

As we previouslyreported, the season opener will be set in Gotham City and guest star Batman.The episode is written by Paul Dini, and will include Commissioner Gordon,Detective Bullock, Alfred and Bruce Wayne - all voiced by the same performers asin the Batman series.

"Robin'snot in this one, though. He's off fighting with the Teen Titans," jokedBurnett, referring to the new Cartoon Network series.


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