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redhairs99 12/3/2009 3:40:57 AM

Joe, I'm not quite sure what you are looking for when you say "The Greatest of All-Time." The subtitle of this article talks about the two directing juggernauts. So are we saying the greatest director of all-time, or the greatest film-innovator of all-time, or something else?

If we are saying greatest director of all-time (between Lucas and Spielberg), I think it's obvious as you pointed to in the article that Spielberg gets the easy win here. While Spielberg as fallen off his game (in my opinion) in the last 10 years or so (Munich being the only film since Saving Private Ryan that has been of "Spielberg" quality), his directing résumé is far superior to Lucas'. Lucas has THX 1138, American Graffitti, Star Wars, and Star Wars I, II, and III. Spielberg has Duel, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., All 4 Indiana Jones flicks, The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun, Jurassic Park, Shindler's List, Munich, Saving Private Ryan, .....well, I think you get the point.

I think that Lucas is the winner if you're looking purely at that "game-changer" ability. Lucas changed the way films are made and marketed in the 1970's. Had Star Wars bombed, or simply never been made, we would not have these uber-big budgeted "event" films of today and definitely would not have the $1 billion dollar box office draws. And I'm not even talking about the marketing side of the business.

All of this said, I have to go with a write-in vote if we're talking "Greatest Director of All-Time." For me, no one can top Alfred Hitchcock. He simply hit it out of the park everytime. Even his early work in the 1930's in the UK is heads-above most of the crap that Hollywood crams down our throats today.

Dazzler 12/3/2009 4:29:18 AM

I wish someone would interview Lucas to find out why he does not listen to fans about Star Wars and what we want.  He must know by now.  Probably suffers from the MJ disease/virus where he turns everyone around him into yes men. 

Darkknight2280 12/3/2009 4:38:27 AM

Well i have a feeling he will/has finally. Since the big rumor is he wants to do the back end trilogy but isnt going to direct. Which is something  I and most all other Star Wars fans have been asking for!! (mainly the part where he isnt directing and staying on as executive producer).

FYI..Went to Star Wars in concert last one word it was...AMAZING!!! The symphony and the GIANT HD screen was sooo sweet.. I wish i could go again!!! Hope they release it on DVD.. I bought a new digital camera just for this!! And i nearly burnt it out last night! :)

hanso 12/3/2009 5:23:49 AM

Steven Spielberg all day every day!  The cat has got no equal.

Flint521466 12/3/2009 5:37:18 AM

Fuck George Lucas in the mouth.  Greedy douche.

WarCry 12/3/2009 6:15:50 AM

Dazzler, look at any SW message board/fan forum. You say he should "listen to the fans" but FANS don't agree with what they want. There are confliciting opinions on nearly every subject out there. So, WHICH fans should he listen to?

Lucas, from day one, has done what he wanted on Star Wars. Remember the story that FOX wanted him to put pants on Chewie? Like it or not, it's GEORGE LUCAS'S universe, and he has and will continue to do what HE wants. To paraphrase a certain scoundrel, "he doesn't have time to discuss it in committee."

Hobbs 12/3/2009 6:40:10 AM

Spielberg gets the nod because he has done so many more movies. For twenty years Lucas focused on building his Empire and wasn't directing any movies while Spielberg was.  Lucas doesn't have enough of a body of work to judge though I think he is a damn fine director...he can't write screenplays but his direction is just fine.   I was actually disappointed when I learned he wasn't going to direct his movie, Red Tails and just produce it.  He was talking about that movie for decades and now he doesn't want to direct it?  WTF is up with that?


jedibanner 12/3/2009 7:04:57 AM

Great call WarCry.

Don't agree with you on that one Hanso, Spielberg has many, many equals and there is better directors as him (Richard Attemborough, Scorcese, Nolan, to name a few...).

This will come down to all the SW haters will whine about Lucas and people will whine again and again about how the new SW was crap and all that. REAL original folks....

In my book, they both left their marks in the movie industry and both have affected how movies are made. I don't think it's fair to put these 2 against each other since one has made like 25 movies Vs the other made about 6 overall.

monkeyfoot 12/3/2009 7:08:07 AM

As Redhairs said above Spielberg is the best director.

But as for impact, Lucas is obviously THE most influential filmmaker probably in the history of cinema.

EagleManiac 12/3/2009 7:31:38 AM

WarCry, I couldn't agree more! I'm a Star Wars fan, and have been since I saw the original back in 1977 when I was 11 years old! What George does with HIS universe is entirely up to him. Sure, the prequels(except RotS), were OK at best, they were still HIS vision. Faults and all, I still enjoy watching The Phantom Menace. Darth Maul kicked ass(though he was killed off too soon, IMO, but hey, I'm not Lucas!), and even Jar Jar, as annoying as he was, was a technological achievement!

I like Steven's movies that he directed more than Lucas', but as far as who made the most impact on Cinema? Well, hands down, George Lucas takes that prize!

Oh, and Flint, you WISH you could f*ck Lucas in the mouth! LOL!!!!  Sorry, couldn't resist!

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