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jedi78 12/3/2009 2:17:10 PM

Finally a topic I can really get in to, its the Emperor vs the "boy wonder."  Well all I can say is GLORY TO THE EMPEROR.....Look I see it like this guys, George has meant more to filmmaking then Steven has.  And beileve me thats not a nock on Steven, hell Steven is by far my favorite director all of time his work is so drawdroping and amazing thats its hard for allot of directors to compare with him.  You can't deny Steven's talents he is after all the hightest grossing director of all time and by allot, his protege Bob Zemicks is second and Steven has him beat by like 1.3 billion. But as awesome as Steven is George is a better filmmaker than Steven.  I know what your thinking whats the difference well a filmmaker does everything he writes, directors, edites, produces, has ever say on everything that has to do with the picture.  A director only works on the set or in the editing bay, Steven of course being well F*&King Steven Speilberg has a ton of power on his sets but the big difference between George and Steven is that George makes his own movies and Steven makes other peoples movies.  Look at like this Thx, Graffiti, The Saga, Indy, and Apocalypse Now (thats right george was suppose to make it not Francis) were all George's orginal ideas.  Steven has adapted his movies from history, based on books, other movies, or made movies for his friends Steven has only made a couple of films that were his own ideas, do dont see Steven with very many writing credits.  Also cinsidered this Steven was again the so called Boy Wonder in the seventies everyone thought that he could do no wrong well that was true untill 1941 came out(which i think is a good film) after that NOBODY wanted Steven, they all thought he was just a flash in the pan.  So Steven is down on his luck doesnt know what to do and then on a beach in Hawaii while making sandcastle's George his best friend gives him the keys to the castle.  "Hey Steven I got a great idea it's called Raiders of the Lost Ark"  we of course know whats happens next.  Oh way and Hanso I disagree with your astestment that Steven is up there with George in Pop Culture.  Yes you mentioned some awesome examples  but answer me this, What Eliott's favorite movie?  Who did E.T. see on the street that first reminded him of home?  Who did the SPFX for E.T.?  And for Gremlins and Gonnies.  In modern Hollywood there are two dates, two time periods, May 24, 1977 and May 26, 1977.  Hollywood was a completey different place in those 36 hours.  Literaly the entire world changed over night all because of Star Wars.  Every single studio rushed projects into production and wanted screenwritiers to come up with any idea that was close to George's just so they could ride the coat tales.  Star Wars is the biggest project in pop culture history period,  Every single director,screenwritier,filmmaker, and actor in the past 32 yearshas definityed from George in some way.  And if I need to produce further evidence check this out in the late 60's early 70's Steven has seriuos buzz on him he had been making films eversince he was 8 and he was working on TV shows.  That was almost unheard of for a student filmmaker, but one day at a filmfest Steven watches this student film called THX 1138EB.  Upon watching this Steven's jaw dropped and he said to himself "This is better than anything I've ever done" and Stevem just had to meet the guy that made this.  Also look at this Steven, and George are part the illustrates group known as the "movie brats"  The young student filmmakers that came on the scene in the 70's, so you had Francis, Marty, DePalma, Kauffman, Milus, George, and Steven.  And ever single one of them has said that during those days which one was the best it was George.  His talent floored everyone.  But I will give credit where credit is do, when George was showing a rough cut of ANH to his friends they told him sorry and felt bad for him. Well all but Steven told him this Steven walked up to George and told him "Dont listen to any of this guys, you've got a huge hit on your hands"  I just like to look at George and Steven like this.  George is the Emperor and Steven is Vader.

jedibanner 12/3/2009 4:59:06 PM

Yeah but.......huh????

violator14 12/3/2009 5:44:52 PM

Seriously this is no competition whatsoever as far as directors go. Im not even gonna say who it is cuz it is just ridiculous.

Darkknight2280 12/3/2009 5:59:06 PM

If you sit and reference Speilburg movies all day long..then im afraid ur alone. GEORGE LUCAS IS THE KING OF POP CULTURE....and thats that! I fu think other wise..u need ur head examinded! That goes out to anyone!

WarCry 12/3/2009 7:45:19 PM

JoeArtist, I think they talk about it in Empire of Dreams, the documentary that was on History or A&E a few years back. It's also on the "bonus disc" DVD.

FOX execs were freaking about the "pantless monkey" and wanted them to give him, basically, lederhosen. I thought there was production art out there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

Basically Lucas gave them the "yeah, sure, I'll think about it" answer and blew them off.

Also of note, the guy working for FOX who bought the rights to SW but left legal contol of sequels to George Lucas found himself jobless after the first film came out.

keithdaniel 12/3/2009 9:26:39 PM

This is quite a topic has generated a lot of passion which is great! Jedi78,I agree with you and others who state that Lucas wins the pop culture comparison with Star Wars. However,Speilberg is without a doubt,a way,way,waaaaay better director because he's not only made more but more great films. Lucas has made 2 great films,Star Wars and THX-1138 and one very good film,American Graffeti,and even though I enjoy the prequel,SW films,they aren't as good as the original saga. Lucas' talents lie more with producing,writing(when he has a great writing partner like Laurence Kasdan that is!),and idea development. He has some ability as a director,it's just not his strongest suit,especially given the fact that he has shown little style and doesn't work well with actors(ask Harrison Ford!). Eaglemaniac,I agree with a lot of what you've said,however,as much credit as I give to both Lucas and SW,there's a few things that perhaps they are given just a tad too much credit for. For example,even though SW is the first film to use motion control special effects in as large a scale as they did,they weren't the first to use it. Stanley Kubrick's 2001:A Space Odyssey is the first feature film to use it for their large scale model shots. Regarding model design,Lucas was definitely inspired by 2001 as well as the 1970's series Space 1999(one of my all-time favourite sc-fi series by the way!). Many reference the overhead shot of the opening SW scene of the Star Destroyer yet the same thing was done in an episode of Space 1999 called "War Games" where a massive,alien bomber looms overhead! Concerning merchandising,the original Planet of the Apes arguably started that on a big scale and as a result kept the apes franchise alive throughout the 1970's. So as one can see,even though SW certainly raised the bar on a number of areas,they didn't create the bar in every area! 

EagleManiac 12/4/2009 8:12:43 AM

KeithDaniel, good points there sir!!

I think most of us agree that Steven is a better DIRECTOR than George. That's pretty obvious. But George's influence on movies in general is stronger than Steven's.

As for the innovations in movie making go, 2001 was the first to use motion control, to a degree, but Star Wars was the first to take that and make it so ships flew by in very dramatic, fast paced movements, with lots of complicated motions throughout. In 2001, most of the ships were moving in one direction or another only, and never realy had that "WOW" effect like seeing X-Wings sweeping over the Death Star, or the Falcon dodging asteroids in Empire. So what SW did was " to perfect" and extend the use of motion control to the next level. Until Ep 3's opening space battle, RotJ's climactic  space battle was(still is) a masterpiece, and showed what can be done with motion control(Ep 3's was all CGI, though!).

SW is ripe with "borrowed" ideas from other films, and TV, as you noted. As you can tell from my profile and my avatar pic, I'm a HUGE Space 1999 FANATIC. I have all the episodes on DVD, and 4 very detailed Eagle die-cast/plastic models as well. And the scene in War Games you mentioned does seem like it was borrowed to make the opening for A New Hope, so I will give Brian Johnson kudos on doing that FIRST for Space 1999 before he upped the ante in the opening of Star Wars.

Merchandising, well, that's a little bit of a sticky area. Sure, other TV shows, movies, and such had tie-ins with their toys and cards and so on, but it was Star Wars that took that idea and pushed it to the masses in a way that was never done before. Planet of the Apes had some stuff, but it was never marketed in the same fashion or with the same saturation that Star Wars did(and it was never the hit Star Wars became, either). I actually had a lot of PotA stuff when I was a kid, but it never was the juggernaut that Star Wars became when it came to movie tie-ins. So, technically, you are absolutely correct, but really, it was Star Wars that took the idea of movie tie-ins and propelled it to the next level. 

Star Wars may not have been the first in all aspects of Pop Culture, but what it DID become was the benchmark for all movie tie-ins from that point on. It "popularized" the idea of it, and now we see it all the time. Hell, Avatar isn't even out, and you can get action figures, vehicles, and so on right now! Just another example of the WAY Star Wars marketed itself that is being copied today.

I think Star Wars holds a special place in so many people's hearts because it was such a ground breaker yet it was also a simple, familiar, and fun story that anyone could understand(except maybe some of the names!!), and so it stands as the movie that changed the industry forever, whether for the better or worse of it! For as long as there are movies made, Star Wars will be remembered that way. Was it a perfect film? Hell no! But what it had was perfect for the time, and made it timeless!

thorin02 12/4/2009 11:10:16 AM

And let's not forget without the success of Star Wars many other Pop Culture phenoms would probably not exist.  Star Trek went from TV revival to Motion Picture (which begat Wrath of Khan and ST:TNG and all from there).  Battlestar Galactica was greenlit because of Star Wars which eventually led to Moore's version in 2003. 

Heck much of the sci-fi that came in the early 80s came about precisely because fo the success of Star Wars. Every studio wanted in on the action.   We probably never would have had the magic summer of 1982  if Star Wars and Empire Strikes Bank had tanked.  And think about what that summer gave us:

Blade Runner, Beastmaster, Conan the Barbarian, The Dark Crystal, ET and of couse my personal guilty pleasure MEGAFORCE (Barry Bostwick's finest work)

SONYMANswallows 12/4/2009 1:09:44 PM

Sydney Pollack, Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick are the greatest filmmakers of all time. And there are many more that fill the space between Spielber and Lucas. All three of the names I mention never settle for poor performances and poorly edited scenes assembled into what is some alleged film like Lucas and Spielber have done so often and wuth more frequencey.

redhairs99 12/4/2009 1:31:28 PM

Sony, Burton is good, but he isn't always movie-gold.  Remember Planet of the Apes and Batman Returns?  BR was good compared to Batman Forever and B&Robin, but not very good when you compare it to his first Batman.  And his Planet of the Apes was just terrible.  Still, most of his other work is awesome!

I'm still sayin' when it comes to directors, no one can top Hitchcock.

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