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Stewart Compares X2 To Previous Trek

By Christian Koch     December 05, 2002

Stewart compares X-Men 2 with Star Trek shooting

Patrick Stewart talked to Sci Fi Wire about the shooting of X-Men 2 and said that its cast felt as familiar to him as the one of the Star Trek: The Next Generation starship Enterprise. Quickly connected in a professional working relationship and also terms of friendship any one of them would have fitted perfectly into each rank on the bridge of the vessel.

Besides the many parallels the difference in Stewart's eyes is that the community aspect in the shooting of the movie isn't as well developed as in a TV series because the large cast of X-Men 2 was almost never together on the set at the same time, something that was usual on the Star Trek set for years and years.

Especially delightful was according to Stewart to work together with the Nightcrawler actor Allan Cumming and Brian Cox who performs General Stryker, two new British members of the cast.


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