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Sticky Situation

Playing SPIDER-MAN in your own house has a few drawbacks

By Andrew Kardon     April 25, 2002

Is it just me or has the world gone arachnid crazy? You can't seem to take two steps in any store without being bombarded with SPIDER-MAN movie merchandise. Yes, there's the basic action figures, posters, magazine articles and whatnot. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I defy you to walk down the cereal aisle of your local supermarket and not see ol' Web-Head crawling around half a dozen cereal boxes, not to mention Pop-Tarts, granola bars, etc. Heck, just the other day I saw Spider-Man cotton candy and something called "radioactive gummy spiders." Yep, Spider-Mania is in absolute full force. And it totally rules.

In celebration, I picked up Toy Biz's DUAL ACTION WEB BLASTER so I could pretend that I was a certain red-and-blue wallcrawler. I slipped the Spidey glove on, attached the web-shooter mechanism, and slapped in the "Real Web Fluid" canister. (Think gooey stick string.) Jumping around the house in my favorite Spider-Man poses (c'mon, like you don't do it too), I was living the life of a superhero. And then...well, then it happened.

My wife started coming down the stairs so I had to do something quick. Acting like the true hero I was, I leapt into a crouching position with my right arm extended, two middle fingers slightly bent as they prepared to slap the palm-trigger. My wife? She just stared at me with those "Don't you even think about it" eyes. And me? Well, I like to think that I did the sensible thing. The mature thing. Yeah, I webbed her up but good.

Long story short, my DUAL ACTION WEB BLASTER is now an "outside toy." Sigh. Maybe I'll go find some cotton candy to munch on. At least that can't get me into too much trouble. I hope.


Oh, that [IMG2R]Barbie. She's at it again. This time she's dressing up as that sassy redheaded Daphne from the classic SCOOBY DOO. Tied into this summer's live-action movie, Mattel's producing a special BARBIE AS DAPHNE figure, complete with a styling pink outfit including thigh-high boots. (Mrrrroooww!) She also comes with a plush Scooby doll, and tons of crime-solving gear like a camera, flashlight, and laptop computer. And yes, she even has a miniature box of Scooby Snacks. Zoiks!

I just don't get it. What's the big fascination with the mullet? For some reason, this throwback haircut (short in the front, long in the back) is making a big comeback. Okay. Well now you can show your support with Achy Breaky Toys' new line of MULLET HEADS action figures. What these 4-inch figures lack in "action," they more than make up with in attitude and distinctive mullets. Wave 1 includes TERRY WOLF, RANDY LAUGHLIN, KELLY RADDITZ and SPEED FRY JR. Collect 'em at your own risk.



Looking for more McFarlane Toys hockey figures? Well just go north, young man. That's because McFarlane Toys is releasing two special-edition TEAM CANADA hockey boxed sets. Hitting Wal-Mart Canada this June, eight members of Team Canada 2002 will be split up into two boxed sets. One set includes: Chris Pronger, No. 44; Curtis Joseph, No. 31; Steve Yzerman, No. 19; and Mario Lemieux, No. 66. The other set features: Eric Lindros, No. 88; Martin Brodeur, No. 30; Joe Sakic, No. 91; and Paul Kariya, No. 9.



Can you smell what Jakks' Pacific is cooking? Yep, it's the WWF's eyebrow-raising superstar the Rock. But no, these aren't the newest wrestling figures. Tying in to the big-budget MUMMY prequel movie, you can get yer grubby paws on the SCORPION KING figures. All you need is 85 lbs. of sand, a real sunny day and a MATHAYUS, BALTHAZAR and CASSANDRA figure and you're set to bring the movie to your backyard.

What, were you holed up in a cantina for the past few weeks? STAR WARS, STAR WARS, STAR WARS. That's all anyone's talking about these days. And that's because Hasbro has officially released its first round of mega-merchandise mayhem on the masses. Tons of figures, vehicles, playsets and more are now available from STAR WARS: EPISODE IIATTACK OF THE CLONES. Highlights include a funky TUSKEN RAIDER WITH CHILD, a real young BOBA FETT, and a cute li'l R2-D2 that lights up and makes funky sounds.

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