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ALMOST HUMAN: Simon Says Review (Article) - 1/8/2014 7:20:36 AM

I think Dastmalchian also played a suspect in the movie Prisoners...he was creepy in that too.

Iron Patriot for Avengers 2? (Article) - 12/16/2013 10:26:06 AM

The only person that belongs in the Iron Patriot armor is Norman Osborn.  The only other suit of armor that has the same paint scheme in the iron man canon of characters is Detroit Steel.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Well Review (Article) - 11/20/2013 12:53:42 PM

I did not like the episode, aside from the unfair criticism about McNichols portraying an Asgardian warrior, like others have mentioned he was a mason and joined a war effort to see the world.  McNichols was the one bright spot for this episode, he did a good job playing the part, even if as some have bemoaned he didn't look the part.  My complaints are with the acting and the cheesy dialogue, or failed attempts at cheesy dialogue.  I can't tell if it's bad directing and acting or bad writing and acting...or all three.  I like Fitz and Simmons, they play their parts fairly well.  Sky does okay at times and I feel like she has been better of late.  May has done well, but I am becoming annoyed with the "nodding knowingly" thing they tend to do too much.  It's like the writers couldn't come up with any dialogue for the actor in that circumstance, so they tell them to nod knowingly.  The Berserker Army story line was recently in the comic "Journey into Mystery" as Sif aligns herself with three former Berserkers.  I read comics regularly and the writers for Marvel write some great dialogue occasionally.  Take advantage of these writers that are already on the Mouse's payroll and utilize them.  Yost, Brubaker, Remender, Fraction, Bendis, Gillen, and Jason Aaron can write good to great dialogue at times.  Kill off Ward quickly, he is dragging the show down, it's not too late to save this'll be disappointing attempt at bringing comics to the small screen.

Preacher TV Pilot for AMC (Article) - 11/18/2013 12:30:28 PM

The idea that God or Jesus can't be part of a story is pretty absurd, and it does nothing to twist biblical stories.  People had twisted the word of God long before Ennis wrote Preacher.  It's a fictional story and does not take itself seriously...ever.  Someone meantioned the Boys, which I think would be great, they'd have to tone that one down a bit too though.  My personal opinion is that the only Ennis penned property AMC should consider is the Punisher.  The Punisher does not work well as a movie, but would be great as a one hour drama.  I'd love to see the Preacher and The Boys realized on the small screen, but not on AMC, it's too risky.

31 Days of Horror Movies: The Hills Have Eyes (2006) (Article) - 10/10/2013 10:59:36 AM

It really is a great horror movie.  It starts out slow enough for the viewer to connect with the victims, not many horror movies do that.  There were a few horror genre movies that did this effectively around that time, including the Descent.  Also stars the voice of Rusty Nail from the horror movie Joy Ride, Ted Levine and Billy Drago who played Frank Nitti in the Untouchables.

31 Days of Horror Movies: 28 Days Later (Article) - 10/9/2013 10:41:34 AM

@jedibanner - I've read some ways that a zombie apocalypse could actually happen, in most instances it is highly unlikely.  However, there is one instance that it could depending on your definition of what a zombie is.  That instance is rabies, which isn't much different than what Rage really is.

Olsen is the Scarlet Witch? (Article) - 10/9/2013 10:19:35 AM

Elizabeth Olsen is a good actress.  I've seen two movies she was in, and she did well in both of them.  Watch Martha Marcy May Marlene, she's good in that and she gets naked a few times which will give you an idea about how well she'll fill out that costume.  I think she's a better young actress than Jennifer Lawrence.

Comicscape: Infinity #1-3 (Article) - 9/30/2013 8:23:03 AM

It's a pretty good crossover, much better than Fear Itself and AVX.  It's missing the Guardians of the Galaxy, which I thought would fit in somehow and maybe it still will.  All of their key foes are present, J'Son of Spartax and Thanos, seems only fitting they would be involved.

10 Choices for a Marvel Female Superhero Film (Article) - 9/30/2013 6:58:02 AM

Mystique may have the most interesting story when it comes to Marvel "heroines".  I don't like Jessica Drew's origin story.  Mrs. Marvel is another origin story I'm not too fond of.  Rogue and She-Hulk rely far too much on other characters to define their powers.  Shanna is too much of an unknown and too much like Tarzan.  Psylocke would be interesting, unless you involve her family and the omniverse...could get confusing.  I think X-23 would be interesting but only if she would have been in one of the Wolverine movies.  Wolverine's comics are at their best when there is a character to contrast him with or compare him with, I think Daken would have been great in a Wolverine movie too. 

Comic Con vs. Star Wars Celebration (Article) - 8/2/2013 9:00:38 AM

I have been trying to get into SDCC for five years now and I still haven't even caught a whiff.  I'm going to try again in '14 and '15 and if I don't get in....screw it I'm giving up.  My friend here won an all expense paid trip to SDCC this year and I had her pick me up a few of the exclusive toys.  I am a closet toy collector and I wanted the Hasbro exclusives, mostly Deadpool Corps. and Old Man Logan.  I got the Old Man Logan for half of what it sells on eBay, which believe me is a good deal.  I feel like half the people that go to SDCC are just their to get the exclusives for a good price and then turn around and sell them for an insane profit margin.  SDCC may have been about fandom at one time, but now I feel like it is only about corporatism and greed.  Just a humble geeks opinion.


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