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Olsen is the Scarlet Witch? (Article) - 10/9/2013 10:19:35 AM

Elizabeth Olsen is a good actress.  I've seen two movies she was in, and she did well in both of them.  Watch Martha Marcy May Marlene, she's good in that and she gets naked a few times which will give you an idea about how well she'll fill out that costume.  I think she's a better young actress than Jennifer Lawrence.

Comicscape: Infinity #1-3 (Article) - 9/30/2013 8:23:03 AM

It's a pretty good crossover, much better than Fear Itself and AVX.  It's missing the Guardians of the Galaxy, which I thought would fit in somehow and maybe it still will.  All of their key foes are present, J'Son of Spartax and Thanos, seems only fitting they would be involved.

10 Choices for a Marvel Female Superhero Film (Article) - 9/30/2013 6:58:02 AM

Mystique may have the most interesting story when it comes to Marvel "heroines".  I don't like Jessica Drew's origin story.  Mrs. Marvel is another origin story I'm not too fond of.  Rogue and She-Hulk rely far too much on other characters to define their powers.  Shanna is too much of an unknown and too much like Tarzan.  Psylocke would be interesting, unless you involve her family and the omniverse...could get confusing.  I think X-23 would be interesting but only if she would have been in one of the Wolverine movies.  Wolverine's comics are at their best when there is a character to contrast him with or compare him with, I think Daken would have been great in a Wolverine movie too. 

Comic Con vs. Star Wars Celebration (Article) - 8/2/2013 9:00:38 AM

I have been trying to get into SDCC for five years now and I still haven't even caught a whiff.  I'm going to try again in '14 and '15 and if I don't get in....screw it I'm giving up.  My friend here won an all expense paid trip to SDCC this year and I had her pick me up a few of the exclusive toys.  I am a closet toy collector and I wanted the Hasbro exclusives, mostly Deadpool Corps. and Old Man Logan.  I got the Old Man Logan for half of what it sells on eBay, which believe me is a good deal.  I feel like half the people that go to SDCC are just their to get the exclusives for a good price and then turn around and sell them for an insane profit margin.  SDCC may have been about fandom at one time, but now I feel like it is only about corporatism and greed.  Just a humble geeks opinion.

THE WRATH OF CON EXCLUSIVES (Article) - 7/11/2013 12:02:09 PM

@mrdjspaz:  Yes you missed one of the best Wolverine comics series in years called Old Man Logan.  Excellent writing and art.


I am a toy collector and love these exclusives.  Unfortunately so do Ebayers and they take full advantage of it.  I buy a few extra exclusives, but I try and start the bidding at 99 cents and let the market decide it's value.  Glad to see MU putting out another old man logan.  I really want that toy.

Motor City Comic Con Report and Cosplayers 2013 (Article) - 5/22/2013 9:48:21 AM

I was at the Dallas Comic Con last weekend.  Guests included William Shatner, Ernie Hudson, John Romita Jr., some Star Trek TNG alumnis, and a few Power Rangers.  The cosplay was pretty spectacular.  I got some great pictures.  Also there was a Funko Pop Reverse Flash Toy exclusive.  The lines were pretty short, I only waited an hour to get in Friday.  Nathan Fillion was supposed to be there, but cancelled due to an illness.  Everyone was polite, with the exception of a few fanboys.  My 10 year old nephew and I caught John Romita Jr. as he was leaving, however he stopped and took a few minutes to talk to my nephew and I and sign our Kick Ass 2 comics.  The volunteers there were extremely helpful and I intend to go back next year.  I'm dying to go to Comic Con Internaional, but this was a very cheap alternative and well worth the price of admission.  I honestly can't complain about one single thing there.  The concessions were reasonable, just an all around great experience for me and my three nephews.

Redford for Captain America 2? (Article) - 3/23/2013 11:11:01 AM

@monkeyfoot....actually Redford was the protagonist in "The Last Castle".

Berry joins X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 3/6/2013 8:28:02 AM

I remember hearing about an X-Man movie in the 90's and my cousin and I talked a lot about who could play who.  I don't remember who we chose for all of the characters, but I remember who we chose for Wolverine and Professor X.  I am not a Trekkie, never have watched a lot of Star Trek, and have always leaned more toward Star Wars.  However, I had seen a few episodes of TNG.  So when the question arose who would play Xavier we both said...that bald dude from Star Trek.  We chose Bruce Willis for Wolverine....why?  We thought he was short enough and he had the right attitude, due to his portrayal of Det. John McClane in Die Hard.  We both thought Arnold would be a great Colossus if he were younger.


I think Halle Berry did a crappy job of portraying Storm, I don't know if it was because of the directing or because she can't act.  She's not a bad actress, she was just bad in this.  So unlike most people, I blame Singer for her portrayal and because I think he's a hack.

Sy Joins Next X-MEN (Article) - 3/3/2013 9:00:02 AM

I agree with most that this will possibly suck.  I don't think they should do this storyarc at all.  It's too confusing.  In fact I don't think they should do anything involving time travel....period.  I don't like Bryan Singer as a director or producer for that matter.  There are some really great stories in the X-Universe that are simple and when you have 2-3 hours to convey the broader points of a complicated story arc, something is going to fall through the cracks (most likely Halle Berry's accent).  I think Fox and Sony have really screwed the pooch with these reboots.

Comicscape: Avengers #5, Snapshot #1 (Article) - 2/8/2013 11:00:18 AM

Thanks for finally covering the Avengers this week, I know I have been badgering anyone who'll listen to read that comic.  To me, it really is the best comic to come out of Marvel Now, Hickman is a good writer and Kuberts art is good.  The X related comics have really outshined the Avengers comics the past couple of years and it looks like they are taking a backseat to the Avengers in Marvel Now.  You may disagree, but most of the good writers are writing for Avengers related comics.  Remender, Hickman, Bendis are all writing for an Avengers comic.  Remender just left Secret Avengers and Uncanny X-Force for Captain America.  The New Avengers Arc is interesting especially with the members of the Illuminati.  Uncanny Avengers is okay, not sold on it yet, but I like the roster.  X-Factor is pretty good right now and I like Savage Wolverine, both of those are good reads.  The new Thunderbolts has a great roster, but I think they have changed the overall purpose of the Thunderbolts, which was to reform super villains.  The new roster is chock full of your typical Antihero types.  The Dark Avengers (actual Thunderbolts) isn't bad either, if you like C-list villains in a possible alternate dimension fighting A-list heroes.  Overall Marvel Now has kept things interesting (except Superior Spider-Man), but I can't compare it to DC because I have no interest in DC comics with the exception of Before Watchmen.  I think Marvel has it's finger on the pulse of what it's readers want mostly and try to deliver that.


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