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The Pull List: February 6th 2013 (Article) - 2/7/2013 9:26:11 AM

The All New X-Men is a compelling story and the art is good.  The Avengers and New Avengers has probably the best writing and I like what Hickman is doing with Hyperion and the Smasher.  I know someone complained that they had no idea why Captain Universe, Hyperion, and the Smasher were in the comic, but Hickman has covered two of the three in the last comic and is covering Captain Universe in next months issue.  I was pretty pissed about Remender leaving Uncanny X-Force and I don't like Brubaker not doing Captain America.  I am officially done with Superior Spider-Man.

The Pull List: January 30th 2013 (Article) - 1/30/2013 9:49:17 AM

@spiderhero - I agree although I am giving it a few more comics before I throw in the towell.

The Avengers is a pretty decent comic right now and I like the direction it's going.  The writing and art is good.  That should be on your pull list.

Comicscape: Savage Wolverine (Article) - 1/23/2013 7:59:20 AM

I use the Comixology app as well and I love it.  I also only read Marvel, as I have for most of my life, with a few exceptions.  I like the Wolverine comics and I'mnot going to judge this new direction? they are taking until a few more comics.  It is not my favorite Marvel publication at this moment and since Marvel Now began, I've only found three I consider must reads: Avengers, Thunderbolts, and Punisher.  This Punisher arc has been great.  Dealing with the consequences of the last arc, it describes not only Frank's new direction, but how every Avenger feels about vigilantism.  You know how some of them are going to react, but there have been a few surprises.  A human being with no powers versus the super human Avengers, really interesting.

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2 I Am The Law Clip (Article) - 1/20/2013 12:00:06 PM

I agree about the cover art not representing the animation in the movie.  The only reason I watched Apocalypse is because I like Clayton Crains art, which is on the cover, but not in the movie.  I wish either Marvel or DC would utilize some of their better artists to work on the animated movies.  A Ghost Rider animated film written by Garth Ennis and animated by Clayton Crain would be great.  The X-Men's Messiah saga (Messiah War, Messiah Complex, and Second Coming) would be great and if Disney/Marvel would pull their heads out of their asses it would be getting done.

Shock-O-Rama: Vampires (Article) - 1/20/2013 11:48:56 AM

Vampires was one of the bloodiest vampire movies I had seen since From Dusk til' Dawn.  I like James Woods and think hes a much better actor than he's given credit for.  I think the same about Gary Oldman and Val Kilmer.  I watched this movie last year after having not seen it in a long while and I was entertained.  It sucks (no pun intended) that vampires have become what they have in the last 4 or 5 years.  Movies like Twilight and Fright Night along with the T.V. series True Blood have really ruined what made me like vampires the most....they're bad asses.  Vampires have never had an enemy like Jack Crow someone who's just as bad ass as they are....also a Baldwin.

10 Ways Disney Could Save Star Wars (Article) - 11/1/2012 8:43:58 AM

I've read a couple of articles about this so far and the fantasy casting has begun.  The most important thing this article outlined is something which most movie geeks know....the director matters.  There's lots of stories out there to be done in the Star Wars universe and I don't salivate as much over the Skywalker storyline as I do others.  I loved the stories behind some of the Star Wars video games, such as Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Academy.  There could be some really great animated movies and shows to come about because of this.  Although I was initially upset about the Mouse's purchase of Marvel, not much has changed in the comics and the movies have been good.  I think Disney certainly has shown the ability to appeal to the masses and still please the fanboys.  The fact is you can't do both great.

Thor 2 Synopsis (Article) - 10/17/2012 8:44:48 AM

I think the Celestials kind of predate everyone, although I certainly wouldn't call them shadowy.

Comicscape: Avengers vs X-men comes to a close (Article) - 10/10/2012 6:45:26 AM

I was actually dissapointed with AVX and agree with you about the continuity issues.  I may be alone on this, but one of the main reasons I am a fan of Rick Remender is he keeps most of his characters in flux with what is going on outside their world.  Uncanny X-Force pretty much all but ignored AVX, but they didn't ignore Deadpool losing his healing factor or Evan getting kidnapped from Wolverine's school.  My favorite comic over the past two years or so has been X-Force and Uncanny X-force, sure there was a bad plot line or two (the whole omniverse plot was confusing) but they did tie that story in with the death of Fantomex and the skinned man.  Just one humble comic reader's perspective.

The Strain Comes to FX (Article) - 9/25/2012 12:13:05 PM

Chuck Hogan wrote a great book called Prince of Thieves as mentioned.  The book really reads like a detective novel from the perspective of the criminal and is very technical.  Although The Town is based on this book, it couldn't have been more different and certainly didn't capture the tone of the book, and I won't even begin to decry how bad the character development was.  I have started to read th second installment of the Strain trilogy and I thought I would be reading a technical Horror story, almost like CSI:John Carpenter's Vampires, I wasn't even close.

Feige talks Thanos and Avengers (Article) - 9/22/2012 8:53:21 AM

DC is trying, but I think the main problem I have with DC is the Super Hero names...the more popular names have had movies or TV shows i.e. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.  The lesser knowns couldn't carry their own movie because it sounds silly to walk up to a movie theatre and ask for two tickets to Booster Gold or the Blue Beetle.  I know that sounds like a dumb reason not to like something, but as a whole Marvel has much more marketable characters.  Of course I may be over simplifying,


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