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tjanson 7/21/2014 6:31:36 AM

 I expected a bit of a step back after all the events in the first ep.  i think its developing fine

aegrant 7/21/2014 8:02:16 AM

 Still staying true to the books for the most part, but this episode was a little slow. They do have to develop the characters.

Walker 7/21/2014 8:12:53 AM

I am about to give up on this show.

The book, for all its overwriting (a drinking game based on descriptive metaphores will put you under the table by page 5), had a slow and powerful build-up.  When you finally reached the confrontation with the Master, the tension was incredible.

The show decided to completely throw all of this away. The pilot included scenes from half-way into the first book.  For example, the cabinet theft happens during the eclipse.  Characters were introduced too fast (why is the TV Setrakian an idiot who makes a spectacle during a press conference?).  Surprise betrayals are already revealed (Phelps and Stoneheart).

There is nothing left for this show.  The build-up and investigation is trashed.  All you have left is vampire hunting.  And most of that is during 2nd season.  If the show lasts that long.

Walker 7/21/2014 8:17:27 AM

Perhaps the buildup would be more enjoyable if we'd all been kept in the dark about the impending large event. It's almost as though the previews gave us too much of a spoiler.

Exactly.  This is how it is done in the book.  Which is why it works there and not here.  They felt that they had to introduce all the major players in the pilot.

monkeyfoot 7/21/2014 9:23:27 AM

Finally caught up and saw the first and now the second episode. I haven't read the books so I have no idea what is going on. I didn't even pay attention to the coming episodes preview that ran at the end of the premiere. All I know is the basic premise is vampirism. So far I'm enjoying it. It has interesting characters and a premise with mysteries I'm awaiting unfoldment on.

It seems you guys who read the book are in some upset about how things are going. The books are always filled with great detail and enjoyment because you get to be hypnotized into it and live the story and flesh it out in exquiste detail in your head. But then when they make a movie or TV version there is often alot of upset.

Why didn't they make this the way I saw it in my head!?!? I did it perfectly! They messed it up!

blankczech 7/21/2014 9:39:17 AM

I basically visit the Mania website to read the comments.  I can find press releases and trailers all over the internet usually sooner than they arrive here, but Mania comments are a little unique. I have no problem with people who want to rip a movie / TV series in a comments thread. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I don't think you're a troll if you say something negative. Personally,  I don't want to read 20 comments, that all say -  Wow, this is really great, I love it.   That's boring. I really like it when commenters debate the merits of something.  There have all ready been a couple of negative comments in this thread.  I didn't read the books and I didn't see the trailers in advance of the show.  I came to it without any expectations and so far I'm enjoying it.  So this time around I'll be one of the people who says...Wow, this is pretty good.

aegrant 7/21/2014 9:57:06 AM

 Yes the book did drag a bit in the begining but , well, its a book. I think the series has to build its characters, I just hope they don't dedicate a whole epeisode to everybody's back story - I think the way they are sprinkling Gus' story in the show is great and i understand that Eff is the focal point so he gets more flushing out but they need to get on with the other characters. 

With all that said, I am happy that this was brought to life as a series because a movie format would cut way back and this would problably be something more of the straight to DVD/BR realm.

Just MHO



ddiaz28 7/21/2014 1:39:09 PM

I've read the books and I've really enjoyed the first two episodes.  I think that the characters have been great so far.  Curious to know how many seasons this will go? One per book?

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/22/2014 9:25:44 AM

 Before it was a book it was supposed to be a television series in the first place. But it was rejected.

bennyhill 7/22/2014 8:42:26 PM

 I'm really digging it.  Love the Salem's lot vibe.  Haven't read the books at all so please no spoiling.

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