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  • Episode: The Strain: It's Not for Everyone (Season 1, Episode 4)
  • Starring: Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mía Maestro, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Pedro Miguel Arce
  • Written By: Guillermo del Toro (developer), Chuck Hogan (developer)
  • Directed By: Keith Gordon
  • Network: FX
  • Studio: Mirada
  • Series:

The Strain: It's Not for Everyone Review


By Kimberly McCall     August 04, 2014

The Strain: It's Not for Everyone Review
© FX
“It’s Not for Everyone” is more of a story-propelling episode of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain. We literally pick up right where we left off with Eph (Corey Stoll), Nora (Mia Maestro), and Jim (Sean Astin) standing, horrified, over the mutated corpse of Captain Redfern (Jonathan Potts).

After the gang, despite protest from Jim) performs a satisfyingly gross autopsy, we learn that this vampiric parasite manipulates the host body’s organs entirely, until they resemble anything but human. In the light of all this, Jim decides to come clean about allowing the coffin to pass through airport security. Disgusted with their friend, Eph and Nora set off on the bloody trail of finding more infected passengers, beginning with little Emma Arnot (Isabelle Nelisse).

The best moments of story, however, happen at Ansel (Nikolai Witschl) and his wife, Ann-Marie (Alex Paxton-Beesely)’s house. After re-locating the kids safely to an aunt’s, Ann-Marie returns home to find the dog lying ripped to shreds in the backyard and a changed Ansel in the shed, having locked and chained himself inside. We learn that Ann-Marie is very good natured and religious, so it’s an interesting character twist when she feeds her annoying neighbor to her blood-thirsty husband. 

Over at Emma Arnot’s house, Eph and Nora are rescued by Abraham (David Bradley), who immediately decapitates Emma and her father (Steven McCarthy). The conflict comes when Nora insists that there has to be another way to cure the strain without killing people and declares that she’d rather die than kill anyone. There is always a character like this in the face of something supernatural, but it seems a little stretched, here. I mean, they had just performed an autopsy on the captain and saw that everything human had been eaten away. So, it seemed a little sudden that Nora should suddenly become so against killing something that is clearly so dangerous to humankind.

There is also more of Gus (Miguel Gomez) in this episode. He returns Abraham’s clock to the pawn shop and, despite constantly breaking the law, acquires and retains audience support. He’s merely another character with a good heart that has done bad things. 

Next week’s episode looks like a World War ll flashback with some anxiously awaited backstory on Abraham. Meanwhile, we’re still building on that pesky climax that we already saw. I think I’d like to read the books/comic so I have something in my head to compare and contrast. I almost feel as though I am missing something by watching this story unfold as a series, alone.

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invisioner 8/5/2014 10:51:51 AM

Nora's character really pisses me off. Too 2 dimensional. She is just arm candy and no logical development. You are spot on, based on what she has seen and should know as a microbiologist, she should realize there is no going back for these victims, and they need to contain the spread, by whatever means necessary.


I am starting to falter on this series.Cool monsters, pathetic protagonists...

makabriel 8/5/2014 11:19:09 AM

 Thank you!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found this maddening.  And that seems to be the norm for the people in this show.  

Oh, you're dead pale, eyes are horribly bloodshot, bleeding from various orrifices.. yeah, you're fine, you can go...

You just pulled a 7 foot long, foot thick worm out of the guy. You think you can cure that????

He had a Cloaca fer crying out loud!!!!







blankczech 8/5/2014 4:55:41 PM

 I'll third the motion on Nora's ridiculous behavior. The autopsy revealed that when the creature takes over the host's body it shuts down all the organs (heart, lungs etc.) and re-decorates the other words, when the creature moves in the original tenant is evicted.  Nora says there has to be a cure for this...oh really, is she going to find a cure for death?  Haven't seen any comments yet from the book trolls.  In past threads they claimed the TV Series was following the books very closely...I wonder if that's still the case.  Hard for me to imagine someone investing time reading a story with so many plot holes and poorly developed characters...the book must be better.



monkeyfoot 8/5/2014 4:56:40 PM

I noticed that about her too. But I tried to see it from the point of view of a doctor who all her life has never seen anything remotely like this. In the real world she or any of us couldn't imagine just going out and cutting the heads off people and burning them for the only crime of being sick. You might isolate them like the current Ebola goings on.  You might restrain them so they don't harm anybody. I can see a doctor not wanting to go that step.

Me, once I'd have seen that autopsy I'd know those people weren't even human anymore. I might want to deny  it if it was a person I cared about but anybody else - that head's comin' off!

rkngl 8/6/2014 5:38:25 AM

 So, the reviewer supports book readers? I feel vindicated.

Told you the shed scene would be good. Wait til you learn how Abraham and the beast are connected. I hope they tell the entire story next episode, or at least the most important details. The master's identity is still an enigma...

But can't wait to see Gus and Vasily evolve to their full power in the show. How many days to the eclipse?...

rkngl 8/6/2014 1:25:49 PM

'I almost feel as though I am missing something by watching this story unfold as a series, alone.'

No, you are not. They are telling everything, they are just using a different timeframe from the comic.




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