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VH1's unusual music related horror anthology series begins in August.

By Frank Kurtz     July 13, 2001
Source: VH1

Roger Daltrey on WITCHBLADE
© 2001 Warner Bros.

VH1 has set a date for their now regular music related horror anthology TV program. STRANGE FREQUENCY, with Roger Daltrey hosting. The series will premiere on the cable network on Saturday, August 18, At 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

The premiere episode will also feature Daltrey in the episode's story along with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's James Marsters in a story titled "Soul Man," which is about lowly guitar techie Mitch (James Marsters) who gets a shot at fame and fortune when he plays a long-lost song by Jimi Hendrix.  Daltrey plays a mysterious talent scout who gives Mitch his big break.

Here are the details of episodes to follow:

* "Daydream Believer" -- Ally Sheedy and Stuart Margolin star in this scary tale about a working mother who is overcome by visions of a rock star's final performance.

* "Don't Stop Believing" -- A Senate candidate is carried back in time by his campaign theme song -- to relive the night his political career was ruined. Peter Strauss and Wendie Malick star.

* "Instant Karma" -- A young fan (Lindsay Sloane) swaps bodies with the wild rock star (Jason Gedrick) who sexually abused her.

* "Cold Turkey" -- Suffering from writer's block, a songwriter is captivated by a mysterious woman -- who may actually be his muse. John Hawkes and Patsy Kensit star.

* "Time Is on My Side" -- A depressed rock fan (Frank Whaley) travels back in time to the day his favorite artist was assassinated. Pam Grier also stars.

* "Don't Fear the Reaper" -- A Goth singer's (Charisma Carpenter) obsession with death becomes all too real when the Grim Reaper (Sebastian Bach) himself appears at her concert.

* "A Change Will Do You Good" -- Rocker Pete Derek (Jamie Kennedy) suffers a drug relapse and ends up in a rehabilitation center under the watchful eye of Dr. Helen Mead (Ileanna Douglas). But this rehab is no Betty Ford -- it boasts a perfect cure rate.


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