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Mania Grade: A-

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  • Art Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B
  • Age Rating: 16 & Up
  • Released By: DrMaster
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 194
  • ISBN: 1-59796-045-4
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Stray Little Devil Vol. #03

By Eduardo M. Chavez     May 09, 2007
Release Date: January 30, 2007

Stray Little Devil Vol.#03
© DrMaster

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Mori Kotaro
Translated by:Misato Sakamoto
Adapted by:Ailen Lujo

What They Say
Pam and the other devil interns have exams coming up, which means crunch time for Pam who's still having "flying" difficulties. In order to step closer to realizing her dream, she trains rigorously with Raim and Vine.

The Review
Pam has been working her new little tail off to earn as many devil points as possible! Devil school and now part-time work is exhausting her. Pam is a clumsy little thing and as such all the extra work is not helping her grow her wings none. But her human heart is really making strides within her new community. People are taking notice of the Second Grade Devil Trainee. They see her potential and notice her talent at tipping the scales of karma in her favor. Sure she is taking her time, but Pam's on her way to earning her horns. And after putting in the time, now is definitely time for devils to take a break from their mischief and hit the beach! Who says evil does not pay?!

Unfortunately for Pam, the enemy has taken notice as well. Pam's human nature might be refreshing to those she has befriended. However to those outside of her circle, she is a disaster waiting to happen. In the world of Devils and Angels, the possibility of there being humans in their realm is frightening at best. Those pesky angels want to figure out the source of Pam's fortunes. Could it be her pendent or maybe her friends? Or could she really be a human?! Evil never takes a break; so even while partying by the lake devils are causing trouble or is trouble looking for them?!

StoDevi is a rare bishojo fantasy titles that is good. In general titles from MediaWorks either rely too much on their fanservice elements or they are too otaku specific to have mass-appeal. This was not always the case. Before the start of this decade, MediaWorks was one of the better sources for fantasy manga. Fanservice was secondary and when it came it wasn't as covert as it is now. In StoDevi Mori has created an intriguing world where humans are subjects of fairy tales and angels/devils have split society in two. Humanity in this case could be the catalyst for war or something equally as devastating here. And at the same time, Mori's heroes are three young women in skimpy outfits! They are oblivious to what is going on around them and as such we get a sort of slice of life thing going with their day-to-day ordeals at devil academy. You cannot get more bishojo than that.

If you can deal with a good fantasy story built entirely on the peripherals of a moe comedy, StoDevi will give you laughs and excitement with mini-skirts and boyshorts in practically every chapter. Sounds like a good deal to me.


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