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DarkJedi_home 10/14/2007 6:13:52 AM
I have a friend who absolutely hates Salvatore's novels in this universe. I love them. It's like you say Tim, there seems to be no middle ground. My friend hates them for the exact reason I love them. Sure, I'll take some serious sci-fi/fantasy reading when it comes but I'm also going to like the straight ass action fluff for what it is...If I want to take a time out in between some serious reading and check out Drizzt & Co. mow down nasty orcs and drow in an action oriented story, it's fine with me. These kinds of arguements always happen though within the sci-fi/fantasy community of readers. The splits over what's serious reading vs. action fluff. Good review, Tim.
lincolnparadox 10/14/2007 10:12:42 AM
I avoided these novels when I was younger. I loved Dragonlance and the Avatar Series, but for some reason I didn't want to fall in love with Drizzt. My biggest problem was the concept, a "good" Drow ranger who lives topside. It sounded like a twink's wet dream. However, when these comic adaptations came out, I started buying them. And I love them. I do miss the artwork from the earlier trilogy. The Icewind Dale artwork. I was glad when they went back to Tim Seely's artwork. Still, all of these books are a great read, and in comic form you don't have to invest so much time to enjoy the story.


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