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Stretch Marks

Director Joe Dante revisits THE HOWLING on DVD

By Anthony C. Ferrante     September 19, 2003

How special is the new DVD edition of 1981's classic THE HOWLING? It's special enough that if you already own the previous no-frills DVD, you'll want to rush out and buy this new one. Not only does it contain a new widescreen print remastered by director Joe Dante, but it's also filled with deleted scenes, outtakes, commentary and a brand-new documentary called "Unleashing the Beast."

"I kept calling the people who owned the movie, and [I] said when they do the disc, that I have to color-time it," says Dante. "They told me, 'It's already timed, it looks great, we'll send it to you.' I didn't think it looked very good, so I said, 'If you ever put out a special edition, please, I want to do it' and they did. It's one of the better-looking movies I've made and I wanted it to look good as it can."


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