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Strike Witches Theatrical Anime Director Tapped

TV series director given the nod to handle the feature film

By Chris Beveridge     February 15, 2011
Source: Anime News Network

Strike Witches
© FUNimation

After two successful seasons of the series, the theatrical feature for Strike Witches is going with the same director, according to Oricon, as Kazuhiro Takamura will handle the reigns for the film which is set for a 2012 opening. The feature film project was originally announced back in October of 2010 and has a good lead-time on it for the 2012 release. Takamura has long been an anime industry veteran with a number of notable works over the years across numerous positions, from doing in-between animation to episode directing, character designs and storyboards. For Strike Witches, he served as the director and character designer for both season and added scripting,, storyboard work and more on the second season.

Original series concept: Set in a world similar to Earth in the mid twentieth century, Strike Witches tells the story of a fight to protect that world using a combination of magic and technology. The titular Strike Witches are young women with high magical potential who are recruited into military organizations around the world to fight against the enigmatic Neuroi, which began an invasion of unprecedented scale on human territory in the year 1939. This puzzling enemy force has appeared frequently and without warning in many areas across the world throughout history. The weapons of the Neuroi mostly take on forms similar to aircraft, but their most troubling tactic is the spreading of a corrosive miasma. Not only do normal humans have no defense against this miasma, but the remnants of the land affected by it are processed by the Neuroi into new weapons, crumbling huge sections of former nations into the sea. As the miasma seems to be unable to spread across large bodies of water, humanity has designated such areas as their main lines of defense.



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Richard J. 2/15/2011 2:14:07 PM

Looking forward to this.  Hope it gets licensed very quickly after it comes out in Japan.



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