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thezillaman 2/6/2013 10:49:17 PM

RIP',freeborn thank you for all the years of magic you brought to millions form all over the world to enjoy and learn from, we all loved your work, thank you...

wrrlykam 2/7/2013 12:51:25 AM

Thank you Stuart for all those fantastic creations that have and continue to entertain us.

jedibanner 2/7/2013 5:10:34 AM

Very sad news...part of my childhood was impacted by his creation and will always remember what he created.

monkeyfoot 2/7/2013 6:44:27 AM

I add my thanks for the awe and wonder he has put into my life and many others!

keithdaniel 2/7/2013 10:06:51 PM

My condolences to his family.  He was a true legend in the FX industry and showed that he didn't need an ounce of CGI to sell his creations to the audience!

almostunbiased 2/9/2013 6:40:28 AM


Brilliant mind and great skill

toran 2/9/2013 8:56:08 AM

Guess its no wonder that such iconic characters would have been originated by a master craftmans such as Mr Freeborn. After watching episodes of Face Off on the syfy channel I can't help but admire those who can take raw materials and paint then craft such beautiful creations that can help us believe there is still magic left in the world.

Thanks Mr. Freeborn. Your life's work lives on.

LadyBrowncoat 2/10/2013 7:26:21 AM

 Rest in peace, good sir.  Thank you so much for sharing your imagination and genius with us.



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