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Walker 8/21/2012 5:22:09 AM

 The plot holes pile up almost too fast to count – notably when Van Patten and his thugs commit overt acts of assault, and yet no one thinks to simply call the cops on them.

This was an artifact of the era.  Short of extreme physical harm, student-on-student violence was almost never classified as assualt.  Even today, it is controversial on some circles to call it assualt.

phantomx69 8/21/2012 6:48:55 AM

the 80's good times, good times, never duplicated, only  imitated.

DarthoftheDead 8/21/2012 10:57:32 AM

 F-ing LOVE this MOvie, lol, Let the cheese fall where it will, lol.

monkeyfoot 8/21/2012 12:50:08 PM

I have never even heard of this movie. The trailer is really fun though.

Also of note, actor Timothy Van Patten (brother of actor Dick Van Patten) is now a director. Among his work are episodes of Game Of Thrones and The Pacific mini-series. I think he's been Emmy nominated, too.

As I recall, he was part of the cast of the 80s show "The White Shadow" about a white coach teaching basketball in a predominately black high school. Van Patten and two other members of the basketball team, Kevin Hooks and Thomas Carter, are now directors.

almostunbiased 8/21/2012 5:04:47 PM

Never saw this movie.  I guess I thought it looked stupid back then.  Watching the trailer now I think it might be ok, but I doubt I'll ever watch it.  Way to many other movies I am more interested in seeing.

ElBaz13 8/21/2012 7:34:42 PM


I remember White Shadow and watched it. One TV household back then so you were forced to watch what daddy was watching. :) Not bad show. God I feel old.

Anyhow, I remember seeing Cable Guy at the movies and during the basketball scene, Chip tells one of his opponents "let's see what you got White Shadow" ha ha ha! I think I was the only one who got the joke in the theatre.


thezillaman 8/21/2012 10:35:05 PM

cool movie, you guys remember the movie class of 1999 i think thats what it was called. the one with the crazy robot teachers.. now that was fun cheeeeeeese all the way love it.

smoke62 8/29/2012 5:51:25 PM

 MONKEYFOOT: Timothy Van Patten was Dick's SON, not brother.  His brother Vincent was THE BIONIC BOY on The Six Million Dollar Man.


Shellhead88 9/5/2012 2:46:20 PM

Dam I forgot all about white shadow until you guys said something. I watched it as a kid also.



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