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countzenith 5/14/2012 2:36:00 PM

Jones as Thulsa Doom is still one of my all time favorite movie villians.


almostunbiased 5/14/2012 3:54:15 PM

81 wins for raiders alone, but both great years

disfigurehead 5/14/2012 4:23:25 PM

 Conan the barbarian is one of my all time favorite movies. The soundtrack is permenantly on my playlist. Amazing music. From 1981 An Americam Werewolf in London is another fav. My friends and I made our own super 8 version back in the day called "The Gwowling".

EagleManiac 5/14/2012 5:23:21 PM

I will say, I am still a huge fan of this movie. But to me, the one thing that sets it apart from so many films of this genre, especially the horrid remake, is the absolutely brilliant soundtrack! Basic Poledouris' score for this film is still one of the greatest pieces of music ever written for a movie! It took what COULD have been that 'B' film mess, and made it so powerful, so poignant, so INCREDIBLE, that it elevated the movie FROM a 'B' status to a Classic of the 80's, and of all-time! It's one of my favorite "guily pleasures" and I love that I bought the DVD AND the CD!!! I still listen to the music on occasion!

My most favorite piece of music is near the end of the film when Thulsa Doom's menion are sent out to destroy Conan and his cohorts in the Battle fo the Dunes. Just a magnificent piece of musical mastery! There is NO SINGLE Sword and Sorcery film EVER with as powerful or fantastic musical score as Conan the Barbarian PERIOD!!

EagleManiac 5/14/2012 5:28:25 PM

Ah, An American Wereworlf in London. Wow! What a great flick!! There are just too many fantastic films from the 80's to mention here! Such a great time!

EagleManiac 5/14/2012 5:29:34 PM

That should have read "Basil Poledouris' score"....damn, I HATE typos, and the lack of an editing feature!

keithdaniel 5/15/2012 12:28:56 AM

Eagle, I agree with you on the score for the 1982 Conan.  But there are some other scores that are at least a tier below it like Excalibur, The Dark Crystal, and Clash of the Titans!!  Those were great soundtracks as well! Also from 1981...For Your Eyes of my favorite Bond films from the Moore era.

domino2008 5/15/2012 12:30:19 AM

lets not forget just the great  movies of 1982 , but the gas , car , food cost an movie ticket prices were cheap  . No internet  or cell phones . Girls wore halter tops .lol.......oh yeah you coulkd sit and watch the same movie over an over without paying twice !!

ddamaged 5/15/2012 5:41:26 AM

It would be hard for me to narrow down to a single year when SO many classic genre films were made then. So, I would just have to say the period from '77 to '87 were phenomenal! Look at what that 10 year stretch gave us:

  • The Star Wars Trilogy (Sorry, Millenial generation, there's only ONE Star Wars and it doesn't have Midiclorians)
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Superman I & II
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Ghostbusters
  • E.T.
  • Blade Runner
  • Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (let's be honest only the even number Star Trek movies were truly good)
  • Heavy Metal
  • Robocop
  • The Mad Max Trilogy (Yes, Beyond Thunderdome had its flaws, but it was still a fun, goofy film)
  • And I could go on and on about the films between that 10 year stretch, because I didn't include non-genre films like Raging Bull or King of Comedy.


ddamaged 5/15/2012 5:55:04 AM

Crap! I forgot Alien and Evil Dead I & II!

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