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DarthoftheDead 5/15/2012 7:35:01 AM

@Wiseguy - I like to think were the Uber-Fanboys, but I agree 2600 forever,man!!!!

@ddameged - Awesome list!!!! And I agree 1000% - Down with the Midiclorians!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao!!!

redhairs99 5/15/2012 7:41:08 AM

 What, no love for The Barbarian Brothers!  That movie was the shitte!  I know it was 1987, but I still can't think of Conan or any of the Sword and Sandal flicks of the 80's without thinking of Barbarian Brothers.  That movie was HILARIOUS!

MaLarrya 5/15/2012 9:08:03 AM

What's truly amazing is that I've been talking about how 1981 was the best year for movies for at least the last couple years to my wife and friends. Suddenly, at Wonder-Con there's a panel about how 1982 was the biggest year for geek movies. It's crazy how many times my wife has asked what I'm watching and I'll say oh Calsh of the Titans from 1981", "Ghost Story from 1981", "Escape from New York from... you guessed it, 1981."  I remember it well, living in Simi Valley and going to the movies at least once a week to see the lastest slasher/horror/fantasy/adventure flick. Even though The Thing is my all time favorite horror movie and Poltergeist (which is in the top 5) was filmed just 5 houses away from mine, I still have to give a slight nod to 1981. Here's just a sampling of the horror: Evil Dead, Scanners, American Werewolf in London, Halloween II, Friday the 13th Part 2, Dead and Buried, Hell Night, Happy Birthday to Me, The Funhouse, My Bloody Valentine, Ghost Story, Wolfen, The Howling, The Hand, The Entity, Graduation Day, Madman, and The Burning. This list is short too... just do a search for 1981 horror movies.
As mentioend before, the fantasy/adventure movies like Time Bandits, Raiders, Clash, Excalibur, Dragonslayer, Superman II, For Your Eyes Only, and Escape from NY really round out this year nicely. The whole 1 1/2 year period between winter 81' to summer 82' is the ultimate nerdgasm.

redhairs99 5/15/2012 11:43:11 AM

 As stated previously, Superman 2 was 1980.

keithdaniel 5/15/2012 12:35:54 PM

Superman 2 was released in Australia in December 1980 but worldwide in 1981.

MaLarrya 5/15/2012 1:18:45 PM

 Yes.. .Superman 2 was released in the USA June 19th, 1981. That makes it a 1981 movie as far as I'm concerned. :)

EagleManiac 5/15/2012 7:20:54 PM

Keith, agreed about those movies you listed. I LOVE Excalibur! The music is also what elevates above a mere "fantasy" film! Brilliant!!!

Ddamaged, fantastic list you posted! I have to disagree about the Trek films, though, but this is strickly my opinion: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Trek:The Motion Picture! From the opening scene with the Cloud to the ending with the bonding of Human and Machine, I found TPM to be an almost perfect Trek movie! Wrath and Search are an excellent Duology, and really need to be watched back-to-back. NO Klingon was more bad-ass than Commander Kruge! He'd have KILLED Worf in a second! Christopher Lloyd's performance personafied a Klingon IMHO!

Now, Star Trek's 4 and 5, they both sucked, to me, and I don't say that just to rile you, this is just how I feel. Star Trek 4 was terrible! Sure, it had its moments, some really funny, but the whole "Save the Whales" bit just didn't sit with me....and with Star Trek 5, Religion and Star Trek have never mixed at all, and it was the worst of ALL the Trek movies.

But, when it comes to the Star Wars films, I agree. Even though I enjoyed EP3, A LOT, I posted a while back what I thought Lucas SHOULD have done, and that was to have STARTED with the story of EP3, and then move from there. Midichlorians be damned!

Now, as far as the best movie from that decade, 77 - 87, my ALL-TIME favorite film is before that period, 1971's The Andromeda Strain (my most beloved, adored, and most watched film of all-time), but the film you listed, Alien, is second behind it. Alien is magnificent! Alien affected me like no other film since, and solidified my love for movies. The experience of seeing Alien in the theaters, as a 13 year old boy, going on 14 the summer Alien came out, seeing that movie with my Dad, under heavy protest from my mom, SCARED THE SH*T OUT OF ME, like no other film before or since! it was my first 'R' rated movie, and the first film that I saw people throw up in the theater! We are all jaded by the "Chest Burster" scene now, but back in 1979, that was the first time anything like that was ever shown in a film, and is still the landmark moment for me!

Then, in 1986, James Cameron released the PERFECT sequel, ALMOST as good as Empire is to Star Wars, with Aliens. THAT is THE SINGLE greatest cinematic experience I have ever had with a packed theater of screaming, hard-core Alien fans, and the most fun I have ever had at the movies, PERIOD! I came out of there SO exhausted but thrilled, worn out, sweaty (I had sweat marks under my arm pits, and down my shirt), and just simply PUMPLED UP BEYOND BELIEF, that we got back in line, which stretched around the Galleria Ice Rink (In Houston's Galleria Shopping Center), and saw it AGAIN!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind was the first film I stayed to see twice in one night. I didn't even do that with Star Wars! To me, Close Encounters is Steven Spielberg's best movie he ever did. How many "Alien Encounter" movies have there been with such a peaceful scope, on such an epic scale? NONE! At least, none THIS amazing! No other film like this comes close. Independence Day be damned! So many Alien Encounters are about them coming down to destroy us, or change us, or something "bad", but Spielberg showed us the encounter we all HOPE will happen, and did so in such a believable way!

keithdaniel 5/16/2012 1:05:43 PM

Eagle my friend, I have to disagree with you at least partially.  IMO, there's another "peaceful alien movie" that's even better than CEotTK...and that would be The Day the Earth Stood Still!!!  It didn't have the FX and budget that other movies would have later but it certainly paved the way for movies like Close Encounters.  I found the Klaatu to be a more interesting Alien and I love the dialogue in that movie the way Klaatu speaks to the humans and especially his great speech at the end!!  That movie is still very timely!!

I too really enjoyed ST:TMP and even more so every time I watch it!  It felt much more like a pure sci-fi film.  I think both that and ST:3 TSfS are underrated in that series.

Alien was the first movie to have a scene like the chestburster but it wasn't the first to have people throw up and leave the theaters...that honour goes to The Exorcist!!  Speaking of Alien and Aliens, it's sort of hard to compare them because the former is more horror while the latter is more sci-fi action.

EagleManiac 5/16/2012 6:35:33 PM

Keith, ole buddy, TDTESS is a classic, but it's not really the same as Close Encounters. Klaatu's mission was to either convince us stupid humans to change our ways or "The Earth will be reduced to a burnt out cinder!". That's not real "peaceful" to me, though the movie never shows such actions, as with Independence Day or War of the Worlds. Close Encounters was completey peaceful in respect to how the aliens were wanting to meet with us. They never had any intentions of destroying us. So my statement from that standpoint is valid. I agree about the dialogue AND that wonderful speech from TDTESS! But Close Encounters is still the best "peaceful encounter on a epic scale" alien movie ever done, IMHO. Sure, E.T. was also peaceful, but that was one alien, one family. Close Encounters invloved people from all over.

I've always felt that ST:TMP was more like the classic Star Trek TV shows with a much more cranial aspect, and less action, and it just FELT like "Star Trek". I can watch that movie any time, and when it's on cable, I'll sit back and watch it! I truly love that movie!

I wasn't implying that Alien was the first to have people throwing up in the theater, but Alien was the first film I was at in the audience that had people who vomited! The Exorcist was before my time of being allowed to go see movies not PG rated in the theater. My FIRST theatrical experience was Soylent Green, and even though I was only 7 years old in 1973, I loved it! Before that, my family did Drive In movies. Then came movies like Jaws, Logan's Run, some "little" film called Star Wars, and of course Close Encounters, but Alien was my very first 'R' rated movie. My mom protested to my dad SO much saying "You KNOW they're gonna have nudity and use the 'F' word a lot.....that's why it's 'R' rated!" Little did she know the reason was NOT nudity, and the 'F' word was used only a couple of ended up being the Chest Burster, as well as the intensity of the movie itself was the reason for the 'R' rating! As a 14 year old (I turned 14 that summer), Alien scared me to death, I had nightmares, and when we got home from the movie, she KNEW something was bad, but my dad had to explain, it wasn't nudity, or the 'F' word.....he went on to explain, as best he could, the graphic nature of the Chest Burster and the "alien" itself. What neither of them knew was, sure, I was frightened out of my mind, but I also LOVED what I saw. Alien changed my perspective of movies forever! No longer was a "sci-fi" film all neat and clean, or even cute like Star Wars. Here we had a film so brutally "in your face" like nothing before it! Everything looks so real, and still does today. The sets put you on The Nostromo, and had such a believable look and feel to them. And the "xenomorph" as we later learned to call them, was like nothing we had ever seen on screen before. Hell, even the "little" face hugger was scary, and in Alien, all it did was sit there on Kane's face! Aliens gave us the "hunter mode" of the Face Hugger! Creepy as hell too!! I could go on an on, but my hands are getting tired and I'm sure others on here get tired of reading my "books"!!! LOL!!!

So glad to have buds like you on here to chat classic movies with! SO many movies today are such crap, yet make butt-loads of money. To me, I could put The Andromeda Strain, Alien, and Close Encounters up again ALL the Sci-Fi films that have come out since the late 90's and those three movies would KILL them all!!!


keithdaniel 5/16/2012 10:42:26 PM

Same here, Eagle, you're easily one of the coolest people on here, even if we don't always agree!  LOL!  We do agree on quite a few movies of the past though , especially many of the classics and some others like the first three ST films, Alien, Aliens, the Star Wars series, Logan's Run, Excalibur, Clash of the Titans(1981), Dragonslayer, Conan the Barbarian(1982), JC's The Thing, The Omen, CEofTK, TDtESS, Planet of the Apes(1968)and the tv series Space 1999 of course!

It's interesting to read different takes on different movies and people's favourites etc.  A couple of more fantasy film scores that should be mentioned are Willow and Krull.  Not only do I really enjoy both of them as films but their scores are underrated IMO, especially Krull, which I think is easily one of the best genre scores of all-time!!  James Horner did both of them of course.

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