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InnerSanctum 7/1/2012 1:31:09 PM

 I too embraced the "cheese" when I was a kid and sat through the movie two times in a row.  It was obviously bad back in its day (as was Flash Gordon), but there is an underlyning appeal one can't deny.  It aint easy being cheesy.  

almostunbiased 7/3/2012 7:39:56 AM

Yea but flash was a comedy right?

Wiseguy 7/3/2012 10:45:03 AM

So was this.

fenngibbon 7/8/2012 2:23:26 PM

 If I'm remembering this movie correctly, if Syfy Channel did a remake of it as one of their Saturday night originals, the remake could ONLY be better.


That raises an interesting question:  instead of trying to improve on classics, why don't filmmakers try to take awful originals and make better versions?  Okay, sometimes the underlying concept sucked, but there are plenty of crappy movies out there whose problems were fixable.   

almostunbiased 7/8/2012 8:04:36 PM

Cause they were aweful for a reason


Fylmkid 7/9/2012 12:22:32 AM

 Hal Needham.OMG. dunt dunt daaah!!!!

Bronze 7/10/2012 12:44:02 PM

"The storyline adopts a rah-rah attitude typical of Reagan's America"


What the f**k does this film have to do with Ronald Reagan or Politics in general? And what exactly is wrong with the rah-rah attitude? God knows we needed it after suffering through Nixon, Watergate, Carter, and stagflation. The 80s were a time of hope and a return to prosperity and if people who feel down need some cheerleading to feel better - what the hell is wrong with that? Quit being such a crank. I'll take Reagan's "rah-rah" over Carter's malaise speech anyday, there is nothing romantic about scarcity and shared sacrifice, at least not in real life.

A bad film is a bad film, but even bad movies can be guilty pleasures. I wouldn't consider this one of them, but this is the second review I've seen the "Reagan-era" disparaged in my short time on this site - get that bug out of your ass. This movie is bad because it is fundamentally sloppy film making, not because of militarism, the rah-rah attitude, or because of Reagan. 

And Team America makes fun of people like you. It starts off as a parody of something like Megaforce, but shifts shortly into the film to mock people who bitch and moan about exactly what you just bitched and moaned about. Now take a cue from that awesome satire and prove your patriotism by getting on your knees and sucking my c**k.

Edit: Are you kidding? This site censors profanity in the comments? 

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