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InnerSanctum 6/4/2012 5:45:58 PM

 Top 5 best horror movie EVER!  

7thGuest 6/4/2012 5:51:54 PM

This is an excellent movie and I still love watching it at least once a year (usually around Halloween). I just bought the Blu-Ray about a month ago and according to the book that came with it, those are real dead bodies they used at the end of the movie. Whether that's true or not I don't know, but it does make that scene much cooler in my opinion.

InnerSanctum 6/4/2012 6:05:44 PM

 I must be older, because I just saw previews of The Shining and The Exorcist as a kid and couldn't sleep.  Poltergiest didn't happen for me until high school.

Betenoire 6/4/2012 9:09:47 PM

Saw this film somewhere around the time it either first hit VHS or TV. I no longer live in the same house but thanks to the film I'll never forget its closet door. And I still try to avoid sleeping in rooms with trees too close. Some things just leave an indelible impression that time and reason just can't erase on dark and stormy nights. 

ultrazilla2000 6/5/2012 12:16:53 AM

I'm still surprised the movie was only PG, considering the scene where the guy is ripping his face off in the bathroom...that scene horrified me as a kid!

InnerSanctum 6/5/2012 9:40:58 AM

 They didn't have the PG 13 rating yet in 82.

One of the first films that TRULY scared me as a kid was Trilogy of Terror.  And, that was a made for TV movie (not counting the Universal monsters which had me wraped in my blanket and breathing out a small air hole when I went to bed at night.)  

I caught a glimpse of The Exorcist on TV and it destroyed me.  I couldn't watch the entire film until I was in my 30's.  By then, it was a bit dated...yet effective.  

Poltergiest...hands down...was one of the best haunted house movies ever made.  We were talking about it the other night.  I'd forgotten the nod in the film to the old Twilight Zone episode where the little girl is lost in another dimension in her house.  The father and neighbors have to join together and tie sheets together for him to enter and pull her out.  I miss nerdy Spielberg.  

BTW, if GL is retired...does that mean a new team of writers would take on Indy 5.  Please make me forget part 4.  And, I hope Mutt goes the way of Short Round.  

InnerSanctum 6/5/2012 9:43:41 AM

7thGuest:  I have to ask...I own the the Blu Ray superior in its transfer?  

Betenoire 6/6/2012 2:58:49 AM

 @InnerSanctum - Indy. Nah, GL is just playing around more now, not truly gone. If he doesn't come back though Indy is done as Speilberg, Ford and Lucas have all made far too many statements that the franchise is either all three of them or none of them for them to back off now. 

conundrum 6/6/2012 3:19:22 PM

7thGuest - The dead bodies you are referring to are from the pool scene, when Diane is trying to escape from them.  Those were real bodies, and Spielberg didn't tell this to JoBeth Williams until after the fact.  He wanted authentic terror.

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