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thezillaman 6/17/2013 12:39:36 AM

 dumb ass movie... all the old superman movies are a joke glad  new MOS is here. 

SarcasticCaveman 6/17/2013 1:26:53 AM

 ALL the old Superman movies are a joke?!  Ah say, ah say, them's FIGHTIN' words!  I get ya though.  Even the first and second ones are campy as hell now, but when I was a kid they were awesome.  You ignore the Christopher Reeve superpower of nostalgia.  But yeah, this movie was pretty terrible...not as bad as Superman IV, but RIGHT up there...about as bad as Superman Returns.  

Gotta say though, I still love the junk yard fight between Superman and Clark.

Dazzler 6/17/2013 3:32:48 AM

Superman III should have been Brainac taking over the world's machines or something like that, it seems that was where they were going anyway. 

Johnnyathm1 6/17/2013 4:29:22 AM

I was 14yrs old when I saw this movie. I was disappointed then...time has not changed my mind. Having said that though, its a great camp movie (=

spiderhero 6/17/2013 5:06:46 AM

I tried watching this again last year. I couldn't even watch it long enough to see Clark make it to the Daily Planet. It was so horrible, I just ejected the DVD. For the last time.

Nexus6BT 6/17/2013 5:41:06 AM

I agree that this is not a good movie, but I must confess to a nostagic fondness for it; I really enjoyed it when I was younger, and Christopher Reeve is pretty terrific in it.

This sounds weird, but I tend to think of Superman III & IV as similar to Jaws III & IV and The Omen III & IV. Each of those series had a spectacularly bad third film that should have destroyed the series completely, but then they made a fourth film that somehow made the third one look halfway decent.

TheFuzzyDan 6/17/2013 5:44:57 AM

This movie doesn't just contain the shades of a great villain in Braniac but it also wastes the possibility of Bizarro.  As bad as this movie is everyone would still be talking to this day how awesome it was if the evil Superman had morphed into Bizarro for the junkyard fight.

Wiseguy 6/17/2013 6:26:15 AM

I remember they made this movie. I have a very faint memory of me seeing it or at least thinking that I saw it but I honestly don't recall anything about it. That's what you call living in denial, my memory erasing faulty data as to not damage one of the greates heroes :)

PhillipBrian 6/17/2013 6:46:41 AM

 Great review. Reeve was amazing, as always. The only scene in that movie I watch is when he fights with himself. 


Shmoooooo 6/17/2013 7:09:34 AM

Donner was fired ... he didn't storm off in a huff

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