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almostunbiased 7/13/2013 1:16:11 PM

WOW, when did she become amazingly hot!


king220222 7/13/2013 3:26:04 PM

alright,  fine I'll watch Arrow.  This better be worth it.

Wiseguy 7/13/2013 6:28:45 PM

 I recently caught the first 3 episodes, hope to catch up for season 2. Much better than anything I expected so far. But ondemand only puts up a couple of shows, either way they won me over for now.

I do find it funny they call GA the Hood, reminds me of the Blur :) 


almost, since she became legal :) she's always been hot

BunyonSnipe 7/14/2013 3:18:39 PM

What are you talking about Wise?

She got her first acting job when she was 20 years old...

jd25u 7/15/2013 12:51:52 PM

OH NO!  I love Summer, but everything she touches dies (some for the better: Terminator Chronicles; some not: Firefly).  I don't really want this show to die yet.

kivel 7/15/2013 3:02:26 PM

 were there words i got to the picture and forgot everything else.... including to eat for 2 days

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