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In The Summertime

7/21/2008 9:45:39 AM permalink

It's bloody hot outside, children. Gas is also outrageous, but you already knew that. And we're in the middle of a somewhat respectable summer movie season.

Put all these together and you've got a recipe for madness.

It's hot outside, so stay indoors. I've draped a few tarpaulins over the western side of the house, because in the afternoon the dark bricks bake and make the air cooling systems go into overtime. It's really dark in here now, but it helps immensely.

To complete the package I'm considering scaring the local Christians by starting a secret society, and we'll hide behind closed doors and large blue tarpaulins and call ourselves some crazy name that sounds very terrifying but amounts to nothing.

The only downside is they won't be able to see us looking at them through the curtains and Venetian blinds with our telescopes and field glasses. (It's hot, gotta make some compromises.)

It's hot, and gas is high. So when the movie sign lights up, see two instead of one.

This is a practice I've been seriously considering the last week or so. My nephew asked me to take him to see Kung Fu Panda, and I went the other day to (finally) see Wall-E. (Yes, I'm terribly behind.)

I'm considering the new Batman installment, not really caring to see it, but much more interested in Heath Ledger's performance. I've enjoyed Ledger's work, was a bit dubious of him as The Joker, but I'm still considering it.

X-Files starts this week. Mamma Mia started last week. (I like ABBA. Shut the hell up.) Probably mix it up and see Batman and Mamma Mia in the same day, then go back the next day and watch X-Files twice. Or some other combination.

It's hot outside, so stay inside and play a game.

I'm ashamed to say I still haven't beaten "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." Or "Megaman 1, 4 - 6." "Or Megaman X." The blue bomber and I come close to beating Dr. Wily in the fourth installment, but then it all went to hell.

I'm also scouring the second hand shops lately now that I've found a beautiful, unopened, pristine copy of the "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" strategy guide the other day for 3 dollars. They had more. I searched for books on Super Mario Galaxy, Windwaker, Twilight Princess, Mario Kart Wii, and a few others.

They laughed at me when I said I still didn't have a Wii yet, so what's the point of getting the guide?


But I tend to have very good luck buying things before I need them. Did it with various DVD's.

Did it with Mega Man 6 YEARS ago.

That's a great story: I was in Toys R Us, looking around at Super Nintendo games, the NES was long gone, mine was pretty much dead, and I looked down and there was the blue bomber, pristine, unopened, for five dollars. I snatched it up. I ran home. I played it for maybe five minutes then my Nintendo died.

I kept all my Nintendo games cause they'd gone out of style, and it was very likely no one would ever see them in coming years, but I'd have mine. One of my friends gave me all of his regular NES games, and another just threw his away. (Why, Craig, why? Why did you burn "Snake, Rattle, And Roll?")

But I can play Megaman today! I beat "Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link" in these last few months! I've beaten "Startropics" as well! Never did that back in the early 90's.

I should also dig back into "Battletoads." I never beat that one either.

But now the Wii has made all this pointless.

Well, somewhat pointless. Mine still work just fine.

Today I bought a copy of the "Twilight Princess" Wii strategy guide off of ebay, for a cool 12 bucks. It's all good.

The moral of this story is...well there really isn't one. Truth be told I went outside to play with my cats, realized it was nearly 100 this early in the day, came back inside and did this as an excuse to cool down.

If there is a moral, it's this: even if you don't have a Wii or a Blu-Ray player or whatever else it is you fancy, start getting the stuff associated with it. Doesn't have to be the big expensive things, just could be the movies or the games or the guides, and you'll collect enough stuff. Then you'll find you're capable of winning the big prize.

Besides, it's best to get the stuff while you can find it. Especially since it's not as costly. I call it forward thinking while others just think I'm a loon.

So anybody wanna go see "Mamma Mia?" Just remember, I sit on the outside of the aisle, and there's always one chair between me and the person I go with.

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