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Wiseguy 9/28/2011 9:05:26 AM

Is that where the govt. was housing the aliens from The Event?

Sounds familiar but it's something I may be interested in unless the fantastic terror is some alien with e.s.p. trying to get home

aegrant 9/28/2011 9:27:28 AM

I'll put it in my netflix que... if it ever comes out.

reek 9/28/2011 10:06:59 AM

Hmmm...Warea arehouse 52...I dunno, sounds a little familiar but I'll probably get aegrant's copy after he returns it to Netflix

jedibanner 9/28/2011 11:28:50 AM

For those who've read the comic, it's really more about Aread 51 mystical aspect of objects that need wharehouse (think the end of Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost ark and instead they called it 52. It is a very fun comic and would be great to see in real life.

Wiseguy 9/29/2011 6:33:12 AM

I think those who have read the comic know that jedi :)

jedibanner 10/1/2011 6:19:34 AM

Many might not remember Wiseguy...



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