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Summit Readies RED Return


By Rob M. Worley     January 18, 2011
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Comics2Film: RED
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Summit readies RED return. Plus: Uh oh...Is Green Lantern terrible? Captain America's Red Skull revealed (again). Hemsworth talks Avengers and more! It's your Comics2Film T minus 9!




Is GREEN LANTERN "Terrible"?

We've all been plenty psyched about Warner Bros super sci-fi take on DC Comics' The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. While the eye candy in the recent trailer wowed us, we also have to admit being a tad uncomfortable with the "acting moments" - those smaller beats where the characters interact and reveal themselves. In particular, the exchange between Reynolds and actress Blake Lively seemed extremely flat.

So, it's interesting to note an article spotlighting Lively in New York Magazine, where a number of unnamed insiders assess the woman's career and her potential for the future. They rightly point out that she was amazing in The Town, but then talk about Green Lantern in the context that it could hurt her career because it's not a good movie.

An unnamed manager is quoted as saying, "Whatever the mistakes were with Green Lantern, she needs to not react to them and do an indie movie just because a big superhero movie didn't work. It's always about the role and the director. The hotter the person, the easier it is, and she's very hot right now."

Even more damning is this comment from an unnamed agent. "Even though Green Lantern is supposed to be terrible, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to do extremely well and enhance her foreign value. Clash of the Titans was horrendous, but it didn’t slow down Sam Worthington any."

Whoa! Is that the back-chatter in Hollywood? That Green Lantern is potentially as bad as Clash of the Titans? This is the first we've heard of such a strong negative vibe and we'd be happy to dismiss it, but those awkward scenes in the trailer have us wondering.

We'll find out how good Green Lantern is on June 17th. 



Hemsworth talks THOR, AVENGERS

The HFPA has posted a number of behind-the-scenes videos from The Golden Globe Awards, including one with up-and-comer Chris Hemsworth, who was rehearsing to present a trophy. The actor commented briefly about his excitement to be working on Thor and also had this to say about Marvel's mega follow-up:

"Then we shoot The Avengers which is where they all come together, Hulk and Iron Man and Captain America, and beat each other up and try and form a team," Hemsworth said.

Looks like the movie will be in the true Marvel tradition where a beat up always precedes a team up!



THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA Details Revealed in Halloween Costumes?

The Daily Blam have posted a handful of images from the catalog of Disguise, who manufactures Halloween costumes based on licensed characters. This year Disguise has the licenses for Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor.

Interestingly, the photos gives us a poor man's representation of what Red Skull, Loki and Sif may look like in the movies. Another interesting detail are is a good look at Thor's helmet.


 Dress up like CAPTAIN AMERICA and the Red Skull from Marvel's Movie


Dress up like Loki, Sif and THOR from Marvel's movie


Potential details about the THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA movies are revealed in Halloween costumes





Summit Readies RED Return reports that Summit Entertainment is looking to milk their surprise hit movie RED and have commissioned the Hoeber brothers to write a sequel to the film.

Jon and Erich Hoeber wrote the script for the first film, expanding on the lean comic book mini-series written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Cully Hamner. The movie went on to gross $164 million worldwide and earned a Golden Globe nomination.

No follow up comics existed until this year when books supporting the film were put to market by DC Comics (including a few written by the Hoeber brothers) so presumably story ideas are open.

What ever the case, they'd better get crackin'. Their cast isn't getting any younger.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9, named by School Library Journal as one of the "Best Comics for Kids 2010"! Issues #1, #2, #3 and #4 are in stores now. The paperback collection is coming in March and available for pre-order . Visit for news and info!


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Tevii 1/18/2011 7:08:19 AM

I think I will cry if Green Lantern is that bad. The best super hero but with the landscape of  an intergalactic space opera on par with Star Wars, Dune or Lensman. It has all the makings of a GREAT movie.

Im hoping this is not true at all, but if it is, that its based on watching it pre-special effects. The suits have no vision and said the same thing about Star Wars before the special effects. Spielberg was the only on who had the vision to see what Lucas did prior to the special effects..... Please, please, please be the case.

Calibur454 1/18/2011 7:10:01 AM

a sequel to red is no surprise hollywood will do anything to make a buck

If the red skull mask is anything like it is in the movie I have some hopes for it- most of the cap pics i have seen make it look to cartoony for my taste but with thor looking so good I do have hopes for cap and I really want a trailer for a cap asap

Speaking of I am looking forward to both Thor and the Avengers and I already know that I will be putting in my reservations for both of these on dvd as soon as i can

I'll rent green lantern but I have no high hopes for it.

Wiseguy 1/18/2011 7:37:05 AM

Love the tease about the Avengers beating each other up before teaming up. As if I wasn't already excitted for this. Thor or IM in a Hulk-buster suit vs Hulk, or Capt.America showing his fighting skills vs an overconfident IronMan, can't freaking wait.

Red Skull will look fine, I have no doubt about that. With today's tech and artistry there's no doubt in my mind. CGI or practical effects I'm sure the RS will look authentic

I have voiced my concerns about Green Lantern before, although I'm trying to remain optimistic I wouldn't be surprised if there's some truth in this. Still looking forward to this big time though

More RED? I'm down, I had a good time the first time around so why not




LocoLobo73 1/18/2011 7:55:03 AM

GREEN LANTERN: Wow , makes you wonder  if thats true, but it is DC and look what they have done to Superman, so yeah , but man I cant beleive that WB and DC would put that much money and effort into this movie and be talking sequels already if the movie is that bad, maybe Blake Lively is another Megan Fox, maybe she is horrible and not so much the movie. I guess we will see, cause if this is bad I would say Dc is running out of rounds for their Movies.

Costumes, I would first like to say Id like to take lady Sif home costume is optional, lol oh and I want the Thor Helmet, to go with my own mystic hammer , if you know what im saying , <wink> lol Jk couldnt help my self

RED sequel Im all for it , loved that movie one of this summers bright spots

Chris Beveridge 1/18/2011 8:13:48 AM

We go for years about how the Hollywood suits don't get superheroes, even when they make the movies. Now we're going to believe said suits critiquing it? Color me amused on a number of levels. These guys often don't know how to make a superhero movie, especially when talking about agents and the like, so I can't say I'd put much stock in their opinions. Yet they're the influencers, so expect more of this in the coming months. 

pekstrand 1/18/2011 8:29:00 AM

Loved RED! Hard to beat that kind of talent. Sure it can happen, but I think they pulled it toegther nicely. Besides, there's something amazing about watching Helen Mirren kick-butt!. As for the AVENGERS, I absolutely can't wait; has the potential to be a masterpiece. And I knwo I'm biased, being a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, but I certainly give GREEN LANTERN a chance.

jedibanner 1/18/2011 9:13:56 AM

Green Lantern will tank like most DC movies and characters have...there is exceptions but still, not convinced yet it will do great. Will try to refrain myself from negative comments's hard.

SarcasticCaveman 1/18/2011 9:19:25 AM

Yeah, I'll hold out hope for Green Lantern.  Aside from her it's got a solid enough cast.  Mark Strong as Sinestro should be very good...he plays a great villain, IMO.  I don't remember thinking anything looked bad when I saw the trailer anyway.  Even if she does suck, I doubt her performance would bring down the entire movie.  I mean, I think Kate Bosworth sucks, but she wasn't THE reason I hated Superman Returns.

wish 1/18/2011 9:38:37 AM

Martin Campbell is a very good director with lots of hits on his resume.  Ryan Reynolds is a natural on film, no matter  the role and yes Blake Lively was great in the town and I'm sure this movie will be awesome.  BUT!  It seems to me that every summer a film is picked by the critics to tank, long before it's even in post production, hollywood loves a failure as much as an underdog so maybe GL is the movie being picked this year.  I'll wait for Rob's review or Hanso's comments before rendering any  opinion before seeing it myself.

jfdavis 1/18/2011 10:02:58 AM

GL: I had no doubt Reynolds was a versitile enough actor for this. More so on Strong.  I admittedly had doubts about Lively... until I saw the The Town and she was one of the best characters. As for Campbell, I was just discussing the Zorro movies and how awesome they were...  No, the suits do not get comic book movies and maybe never have.  They've been hit or miss since the first Superman. (Maybe an obvious statement to some.) Yeah, since the first Spider-man things have improved and the gap, so to speak, has narrowed but the point is still valid.

RED- Hell, even my parents enjoyed the first one...

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