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vitieddie 6/13/2011 2:53:25 AM

Super 8 was a solid movie. Enjoyed the characters and friendships and the suspense in the first half of the film. Unfortunately, it also had a bit of "been there, done that" kind of feel to it. A lot of the audience stayed back to watch the mini movie at the end though.

I'm a big DC fan but i feel its the death knell for their movies if GL doesn't do well ... whats wrong with them???

Darkknight2280 6/13/2011 4:13:21 AM

Super 8 was...meh I wasnt dissapointed but i wasnt WOW'ed either. I hated that he barely showed the monster! When you did get a good look it was still in the dark. Not to mention it reminded me wayyyy too much of the cloverfield monster.

FistofKhonsu 6/13/2011 4:31:04 AM

Saw X-Men First Class last night. Really enjoyed it, despite a few quibbles. I though overall it was really well put together and has me excited to see where they take it. 

dalgoda 6/13/2011 4:42:36 AM

 MovieGuy, Game of Thrones is epic.  The books are great.  Martin has no problem killing off main characters unlike other fantasy series.  

Super 8 was good, not great.  I would have loved it as a kid though and my kids did love it.  Hope it does well so we get more original, non sequel movies.  I expect GL to do around 55-65 million, comparable to Thor.  Thor was very good to me and has had good staying power.  I will be there this weekend for GL and will probably break down and see X-Men also.  I just hate giving my money to Fox after they have butchered most of their comic book properties.

filmman74 6/13/2011 4:44:26 AM

Very much enjoyed Super 8.  Definitely felt like a Speilberg film.  The kids were tremendous in the movie, which is something you don't see a lot of these days.  There were a couple spots that didn't feel right with the pace of the movie but all in all very enjoyable movie.

First Class was great, absolutely loved that film.  I was a fan of the other films, though not so much of X3 and Wolverine.  I remember seeing the early posters and trailer and didn't have much expectations for it.  I hope this will be a good turn for the X-Men franchise.

We all know GL opens this Friday.  I'm definitely going to see it but still am on the fence of how it will actually play out.  Some of the newwer trailers it looks amazing but I just saw a couple spots last night on TV that bring it back to that I KNOW RIGHT scene from the first trailer. I think it will be the BIG winner for the weekend definitely.  I'll predict that it'll take in 55-60 million.

Wiseguy 6/13/2011 5:57:06 AM

MovieGuy I love that you're a boxing guy, you and hanso got that going for yourselves :). Kosta Tszyu was at one point one of my favorite fighters, the guy was a straight up assassin. It disgusted me to no end that he went out on a loss to a guy like Hatton but I guess that's the case with 99.9% of boxers, they have to lose to a no talent hack in order to see it's time to hang up the gloves.

Btw, I think Pacman would have won that fight. Pacman is just the naturally bigger fighter.



karas1 6/13/2011 6:38:37 AM

I want to go see GL, but somehow the commercials don't blow me away.  I think that if I didn't know anything about the character and the history attatched I wouldn't be interested.  Some of the earlier commercials seemed to feature an irresponsible-guy-learns-responsibility plot which has been done to death. 

monkeyfoot 6/13/2011 7:36:53 AM

Missed Super 8 last weekend, which throws me behind schedule with GL coming out Friday. I'm going to have to double up in order to catch up.

raa2001 6/13/2011 7:47:23 AM

 Although, I will see GL, I think I'd be much more excited if this was part of a setup for a Justice League movie like Marvel is doing with the Avengers.

shac2846 6/13/2011 8:44:44 AM

Super 8 was good although reiterating the obvious, for as good as it was it had a been there done that feel to it. The whole government bad/people good thing is getting old but if it's executed right it can work. That was pretty much the plot of Avatar and it worked for the most part. I thought Abrams made it as good as he could given the limitations of the genre. 

Here is hoping that Green Lantern kicks some serious ass. It's put up or shut-up time DC! I don't know that it will rake in 50-60 mil but I personally hope it does better than that. I'm sure they'll be able to print there own money when Dark Knight Rises opens but this is our opening for more DC characters, fingers are crossed. 

One thing this summer is showing is that again nobody knows nothing. I hope that a new trend will be that many of these movies have legs and continue to grow over the next few months  like movies used too. The market is ridiculously saturated this summer but people will still see good movies even if it takes them some time to get to the theatre.

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