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Super Bowl Post-Game Wrap-Up

By Rob M. Worley     February 04, 2002

Movie fanswatching last night's Super Bowl XXXVI got an eyeful of previews of what look tobe this year's hottest films. Marvel comics fans got to see five spots featuringbig-screen versions of their favorite characters.

The showing forSony's Spider-Man, which may be the most anticipated comic bookadaptation of all time, was a bit disappointing. The two Spider-Mantrailers shown had no footage beyond what fans have already seen. The earlyspot, which ran during the pre-game, was just a brief teaser boiled downfrom the expanded trailer that first aired on TV in December. That same expandedtrailer was what Fox showed during the first commercial break for the post-Bowl MalcolmIn the Middle.

On the otherhand, Blade II from New Line had a nicenew trailer that expanded on the previous teaser. Fans got to see plenty ofnew action, a good look at the villains and some fun one-offs from WesleySnipes' character.

The big winnerwas probably Men In Black II fans. Sony served up not one but twobrand new spots for this summer release. The firstspot aired during Super Bowl while the secondtrailer aired during Malcolm. The spots were fun, tailored tothe events and gave fans plenty of new stuff to look at.

Comics2Filmwas happy to present our readers with a look at each of the above spots shortlyafter they aired. However, fans were so excited about the downloads thatrequests quickly overloaded our servers.

We owe a bigthanks to Harry Knowles of Ain't ItCool News who saw that there was a problem and came to the rescue. Harryposted mirror copies of the clips on an alternate server thereby making thetrailers available to the maximum number of fans. Harry tells us he just wantedas many fans as possible to share in the fun. Thanks, Harry!


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