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Super Mario Mii...And A Touch Of Inception

7/16/2010 3:42:45 PM permalink

So, while only being halfway through the year, already like a good little squirrel I plan on gathering up my nuts and hiding them away for the sake of my sanity come this winter.

I hate winter. For me it is a domain of woe in which Jimmy Buffett is my guiding light out of this seasonal hell hole, along with anything visual featuring bright blue and green color schemes.

Past winters were survived with the help of "Wave Race 64," "Star Tropics," and Jimmy Buffett's "Meet Me In Margaritaville," "Boats, Beaches, Bars, And Ballads," and "Live in Anguilla" audio collections.

This season will be especially quiet as dad won't be here, therefore it will be even more so important to keep my wits about me.

Behold my (possible) salvation: a brand new Wii.

No, I don't have one...yet. I do have the strategy guides of "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" and "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption." I bought them when I had the chance, knowing full well gaming had advanced to such a level that, should I ever achieve this madness, I'll need the guide -- namely because I'm having such a horrid time trying to figure out "Zelda: Majora's Mask" on my N64 without the blasted guide.

I've always enjoyed the Metroid and Zelda games, so those were a given notion. And a Mario game is equally obvious.

But there are a few games I know nothing about, yet they've got my interest. I posted a similar query on Facebook, but Hanso was the only one to really respond, so I thought I'd repost the question here.

Here are the games of obvious names I've written down I should get:

"Super Mario Galaxy" 1 and 2, "New Super Mario Bros.," "Super Paper Mario," and "Mario Kart" -- these go along with "Zelda: Twilight Princess" and the "Metroid" Trilogy.

Also on my list, yet lesser known, are "Final Fantasy - Crystal Bearers," and "Rabbids Go Home." Those, and "Ghostbusters," which I can seem to no longer find in my area for the Wii.

Any opinions?

As a parting thought, I've considered what could possibly be done with the original Zelda adventure: keep everything about it the same, except make it in the POV style that was featured first in "Ocarina of Time."  Sure, that would make it hard as hell even for experienced players who've been at it since the mid-80's, but it would be a very unique experience. We'd need to keep an optional overview map in the lower corners of the screen so we remember that you burn THIS bush, and not the one next to it.

I don't know how popular that idea would be, but I'd play it. It might be too much for "Zelda: A Link To The Past," but what do I know?

I Did It For Yoshi's Cookie

Now someone explain this to can obtain the original games for the NES, etc., to play on the Wii, correct?

I also know it uses an internet connection, mostly because our own Bob Trate talked about how nice it would be if I had a Wii, and the upcoming "GoldenEye," and a high speed connection with which he could challenge me to a game in real time.

But just how does one obtain the past games for the current console? Download, I'm assuming, but what would it cost? And how would you pay for it?

Yeah, I'm showing my ignorance, but that's normal. All I've really done with a Wii is look foolish as I attempt to play "Mario Galaxy 2" and " New Super Mario Bros."

Hanso Would Be Proud

Sunday morning, I believe, I'll head out to see "Inception." I know there's been some hype on here about it, but I must admit I've avoided it like the plague. And, since I recently took my friend's wife to "Eclipse," I'm thinking of taking him along with me, since he and I have never "hit the town," so to speak, together.

Any comments regarding this concerning the similar discussion in the "Eclipse" review will be met with the most severe punishment I can dish out: a wave of the fist and then a need to lay down for twenty minutes because I over extended myself.

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