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Super Mario, Starcraft 2, And Starlight (Both Real And Maniacal): FTW!

8/14/2010 7:12:54 AM permalink

The Kids Are Alright

As Facebook based Maniacs will know, I spend a certain amount of time online harassing all my FB friends in some ways or another. But the key to my FB friends is that I ACTUALLY KNOW THEM! I HAVE ACTUALLY ENCOUNTERED THEM!

Here in real life and in the blogs and comments sections of Mania, alliances have been forged. We fight like cats and dogs ("Twilight" and Jar Jar Abrams) and we come to each other's defense.  The point is, I know you. You know me. And that's how it should be.

But now, I'm scratching my head a recent trend: people I don't actually know are sending requests. One popped up and I looked at the profile image -- this is someone's kid! I ask another friend (from high school) "who is X?" "Oh, that's Y's kid!"

Oh brother. I know Y, but I don't know Y's kids -- and they're not even old enough to understand my comic references. I press IGNORE, and send out a general message telling my "responsible" adult friends to please keep the kids at bay, as I've no interest in being the next Michael Jackson.

That thread was joined by another high school friend I'd recently located, and she was with her daughter and kept reading the back and forth between me and a few others and kept laughing, while her precious young daughter kept asking "what's so funny?" and tried to view the going's-on on her iPhone. When the daughter said she couldn't, as I keep my profile private, her mom decided to have her daughter send a friend request, partially to annoy me (given the circumstances above).

I debated approving this for a while, and finally gave in. Now her daughter is a follower of mine.

I'm Getting Too Old For This

I should've realized that the floodgates were on the verge of being broken apart. My opinion was "fine, I'll make an exception for her."

Then came the requests from my teenaged cousin's friends who live southeast of me. I now have unknown teenaged boys friending me because we have similar interests: anime and gaming.

I write my younger cousin about this, and he clues me in on the circumstances. If these kids saw my posts at his place or he simply mentioned me in past conversations, I don't know. But, hey, that older cousin of yours is cool. Friend Request Sent.

That's two more I've approved recently. So now I'm having a little gaming fun with them by challenging their knowledge and capabilities of Nintendo's offerings from days gone by. My glory days, so to speak.

I used to write to Nintendo HQ at least on a monthly basis. I still have their letters, as they are filled with tips, tricks, and strategies I didn't have access to via my regular "Nintendo Power" or "GamePro" magazines. One such letter revealed a trick no one in my circle had heard of, so I scanned the letter, uploaded it to FB, and tagged my cousin in it.

I'd laid down an 8-bit gaming gauntlet by saying "here's the move, I never could accomplish it, now let's see if you can outshine your older cousin."

As the old saying goes, "them's fightin' words" among gamers. Now I'm laughing, and waiting, to see if this most recent generation can outdo what we did in the 80's and 90's. And I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls it off this weekend. And I'm sure I'll get a comment from him and his posse with the phrasing "pwnd!" or "ftw!" in it somewhere.

In case you're wondering, the trick relates to a well timed move in the original "Super Mario Bros.'" which causes you to shrink in size to normal Mario, then get a magic mushroom without growing, and then obtaining a fire flower thus making you a small, fireball hurling Mario.

Extension Cords After Sunset

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. -- Oscar Wilde

One friend of mine posted this quote as her status update the other day. It was the first reminder that I need to get my head back on straight and start promoting "Sweet Dreams: A Sandman's Story," but it's a little difficult to do so, now that I'm logging every odd little beat my heart jumps on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, one of my new teenaged FB friends posted a status update told me that, maybe, there's hope for the world after all, and there is a place for cosmic based reflection and dreaming.

Said update reads as a list of ingredients: one chair, one table, an electrical outlet, extension cords, a glass of milk, Oreo Poptarts, a laptop, and one copy of  "Starcraft 2," as he fights the good fight underneath the starry Arkansas night sky. He even refers to it as the "greatest thing since the big bang."

This is inspiring to me, as I'm about to begin my thirty-third year with a screwed up heart, a need for low dose Aspirin, and a newfound lawyer, not to mention the possible need for a good cardiologist.

Also, I'm thinking of modifying one particular scene from "Summertime Blues" to more closely mirror what this young man had set out to do on a hot summer night: gaming under the stars FTW!


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