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  • Audio Rating: NA
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  • Packaging Rating: NA
  • Menus Rating: NA
  • Extras Rating: NA
  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Crunchyroll
  • Running time: 24
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #09

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #09 Anime Review

By G.B. Smith     November 29, 2010
Release Date: November 28, 2010

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector
© Crunchyroll

The war for Earth heats up as the aliens attempt to seize the last remaining development center for Federation person troopers, the Tesla Reich Institute. A spirited defense is made, mainly to help see to the escape of the prototypes that were under development at the research institute. But can the Earth survive the assault of these new enemies?

What They Say
With many of its central personnel lost in the war, the Earth Federation Government is forced to rebuild, and Brian Midcrid, president of the Unified Colonies, takes the position of its president. During an emergency session of the Federation Diet, he publicly acknowledges the existence of extraterrestials, and reveals the events of the L5 campaign to the masses in what will later come to be called the "Tokyo Declaration". He goes on to state that these aliens pose a serious threat to humanity.

President Midcrid continues, asking for the colonies to unite with earth, and to expand their military forces in a plan called the "Aegis Plan". Under the plan, new weapons are developed, and more mechs are mass produced as the entire planet's defense network is strengthened. But threats still lurk in the shadows. The remnants of Bian Zoldark's "Divine Crusaders". Those within the Federation and its army who plot to turn it into a military dictatorship. And none have yet realized...that the true threats are coming from a world "so close, yet so very far away", and a world of silence...

The planet is being invaded by foes from a parallel world, and from the past.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Things are tense at the Tesla Reich Institute in Colorado, as they have lost contact with all other Federation bases in North America. As there is no other choice, the staff plan to evacuate the prototypes and research to the Hiryuu Kai as soon as possible. Sadly, they do not seems to be quick enough, as the enemy already approaches. They do not intend to destroy the center, as they want to capture the research materials intact. As the transport attempts to escape, the lead unit of the aliens, piloted by a man calling himself Vigagi, appears in the transport's path and orders them all to surrender. Being questions who he is, he gives his name and reveals who exactly, sort of, these aliens are. They note that they are not like the Aerogaters, who come from Balmar. His people claim to be civilization inspectors. Thus, the Earthlings may refer to them as The Inspectors. The name of the show is finally revealed, at least.

Just when things look their worst, with Ibis Douglas shot down and Vigagi having it all his way, about to shoot down Sleigh Presty, another unit appears, the GuarBein, along with its somewhat overdramatic pilot, Rätsel Feinschmeker. Rätsel saves the day, as his unit has abilities that are in excess of the normal units available, able to knock Vigagi off his feet. The transports escape, though Vigagi is not too concerned, as his primary mission was the secure the research facility. As the Tesla team retreats, Rätsel joins them, but one of the girls seems to recognize him by another name, "Elzam." Sleigh is upset that her brother stayed behind at the Institute, but there was something there that had to be left behind, which the aliens cannot be allowed to find.

In the meantime, the Federation President, Brian Midcrid, is meeting with top officials at his office in Paris, trying to figure out what to do. He would like to negotiate, but the problem is that there are no lines of communication with any of the enemy forces attacking the Earth. A tough situation.

Things are not all that safe for the retreating Tesla group, however, as another enemy, one that Vigagi hinted at earlier, is on its way. Sleigh rushes to her unit, but Ibis' was destroyed in the first skirmish. Rätsel suggests that Ibis be allowed to operate the experimental prototype, the Alpha Proto, that Filio, one of the senior researchers at Tesla, had intended for her to pilot. The attacking enemy comes up on the transports, with Sleigh and Rätsel launching against her. However, she is much faster than either of the Earth units and damages' Sleigh's Calion easily. But just when she thinks she has the upper hand, yet another unit, a much faster one appears: Masaki Andou piloting the Cybuster. The alien woman, identifying herself as Aguija, and her unit as the Silbelwind, says that she will outpace Masaki and his unit.

More alien units show up, however, to attack the transports. While Masaki can keep Aguija busy, there is no way he can both protect the transports and fend off the alien leader. But this is where Ibis comes center stage, as the Alpha Proto, the Astelion, is ready to lauch. Combined, the Astelion, with Ibis' relentless forward style of attacking, and the Cybuster's speed and strength, the two manage to damage Aguija's Silbelwind and just miss destroying her, as the aliens' teleporting abilities help to save her at the last moment. The enemy is driven off for now. Rätsel asks Masaki to escort the Tesla force the rest of the way to the Hiryuu Kai, as he is required to deliver his own unit somewhere else.

With that over, we go back to the earlier storyline, as Capt. Minase of the Hagane gives a rousing speech to the troops before the SRX, ATX, and STI forces head off to free the Dukedom of Riksent, being held captive (along with a large number of Federation dignitaries) by the remnant DC Forces under Archibald Grims' command. Lefina Enfield and the Hiryuu Kai join up with the Hagane, having on board the Octopus Squadron as well as the Project TD (Tesla research squad) group to provide personal trooper forces. So, it looks like the Federation is finally ready to mount a counter-offensive against at least one of their enemies.

Well, there was a heck of a lot of robots smashing into each other this episode, along with many old friends, for those who are familiar with the games unlike myself, making their first appearances here.

In Summary:
As the aliens, who have now identified themselves as The Inspectors, continue their takeover, seizing control of the Tesla Reich Institute, the members of Project TD manage to escape with several important prototypes from the aliens, with a lot of help from Rätsel Feinschmecker and Masaki Andou, piloting special units that give the Earthlings a chance to escape. The battle is fierce, and a new shooting star makes its debut: Ibis Douglas takes the Astelion out for a spin, much to the disappointment of Sleigh Presty. Still, the aliens are very powerful and the Tesla members barely escape from their grasp, as the institute itself is captured along with several of its personnel (including Sleigh's brother Filio). In the meantime, the Federation, caught flat-footed this whole time, now begins to take back what it has lost, as the Hagane and the Hiryuu Kai, now carrying about the entire total of the Federation's crack personal troopers, along with many experimental units, head off to the Dukedom of Riksent to free Princess Shine's land from the Divine Crusader remnants that have seize it.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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