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  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Crunchyroll
  • Running time: 24
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #10

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #10 Anime Review

By G.B. Smith     December 06, 2010
Release Date: December 05, 2010

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector
© Crunchyroll

The Fight for Riksent begins, but Archibald Grimms, the despicable DC leader in charge of the place seems oddly calm and confident in the result. Does he have reason to be so sure of himself?

What They Say
With many of its central personnel lost in the war, the Earth Federation Government is forced to rebuild, and Brian Midcrid, president of the Unified Colonies, takes the position of its president. During an emergency session of the Federation Diet, he publicly acknowledges the existence of extraterrestials, and reveals the events of the L5 campaign to the masses in what will later come to be called the "Tokyo Declaration". He goes on to state that these aliens pose a serious threat to humanity.

President Midcrid continues, asking for the colonies to unite with earth, and to expand their military forces in a plan called the "Aegis Plan". Under the plan, new weapons are developed, and more mechs are mass produced as the entire planet's defense network is strengthened. But threats still lurk in the shadows. The remnants of Bian Zoldark's "Divine Crusaders". Those within the Federation and its army who plot to turn it into a military dictatorship. And none have yet realized...that the true threats are coming from a world "so close, yet so very far away", and a world of silence...

The planet is being invaded by foes from a parallel world, and from the past.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As we reach the tenth episode mark, the curtain has finally arisen for the main act of the show, with most of the factions and individuals now introduced. The Earth Federation is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they are having to deal with some of the leftovers from the war against the Divine Crusaders, the fanatical group that believes it is best capable of dealing with the threat of enemies from beyond the stars. The remnants, christened the Neue DC, intend to pick up where they left off, planning to seize control of the Earth. They have competitors though. A new group of aliens different from the Aerogaters of the past have appeared: these new beings, calling themselves The Inspectors, have come to conquer Earth and take back the "toys" that the Earthlings have been playing with: the advanced technology that they had acquired or developed during their wars against the Aerogaters and the DC. Some of this technology had otherworldly origins, and The Inspectors have decided that play time is over. They quickly overwhelmed the North American region of the Earth, and plan to move forward elsewhere.

In the meantime, the Federation has decided that their first target has to be the Neue DC group that has seized control of Riksent, an independent Dukedom in Europe ruled by Princess Shine, who herself has some piloting skills. So, the EFA forces go onto the attack to liberate Riksent.

Riksent desperately needs liberating, as it is being held by the despicable Archibald Grimms. The writers make sure to tell us what a contemptible person he is on a regular basis, this time showing us that he is perfectly comfortable with using the civilian population of Riksent as human shields against the Federation forces. Sadly, Grimms is a competent tactician, and he sees through the decoy operation that the Hagane is running, waiting for the Hiryuu Kai to appear with the real attack group. The ATX Team shows up right on schedule for Grimms. The only thing that he does not seem to be able to control is the exasperation of one of his pilots, Ricarla Borgnine, who feels that they should fight honorably, not in the underhanded ways that Grimms does. Her superior Yuuki Jaeger, however, dismisses her idealism in front of Grimms.

But when they are alone in the hanger deck, Yuuki confides to Carla that he does not like the way Grimms is acting, which seems suspicious to him. Therefore, he asks Carla to fake mechanical problems and cancel launching her unit.

With Valsione and Cybuster clearing the path, Nanbu and the ATX Team start their assault. For some people, of course, this attack involves personal business. Specifically Raidese, who has a good reason to want Grimms dead: Grimms is responsible for his sister's death. While the assault team disables the DC battleship, Grimms, of course, is a cheater, and he has prepared a special personal trooper for his use, which he escapes to when his ship is disabled. He then reveals the trap that he had planned from the start: the Federation soldiers will have to surrender, or else all of the civilians and the Federation summit attendees will be blown up in the shelters he placed them that were also filled with explosives.

Grimms' plan is dastardly, but before he can implement it, by blowing up a random shelter to show he means business, it is foiled by his own subordinates, as Carla has disarmed the bombs. She also appears to have had a little help from Maj. Gilliam. Sadly for the Federation forces, Grimms is a cheater, and the unit he has put himself in, which he bills as an anti-special unit, has immense power, enough to disable many of the personal troopers pitted against him. As he is about to launch a second attack, it must be time for a cute little girl to come to rescue.

On cue, Princess Shine and Latooni launch in two special experimental units, the Gold and Silver units, the Fairlion Type G and Type S. While one might think that two little robots probably would not be able to do much against the gigantic unit that Grimms is using, the two girls have a little cheat of their own. Princess Shine, of course, is psychic, with the ability to see into the future, while Latooni is an expert pilot. The trick comes in that their two units can be synchronized (through the W-13NK system), so that Latooni can pilot both units while Shine shows her exactly where the enemy's attacks are going to come from. Well, it's only fair to play unfairly against someone who has no honor in war. Grimms didn't count on this, and so his super-robot is destroyed by the Fairlion units, with a little assist from Lamia.

Of course, this isn't the end for the bad guy, as Grimms makes his escape. The remaining DC units retreat, and Riksent is liberated.

So, while it is only a small victory, the counterattack against the enemies of the Federation has started with the freeing of the hostages and the people of Riksent from the claws of the Neue DC.

Perhaps most interesting in this episode were the brief commentaries from Lamia Loveless, the mole from the Inspectors who has been placed inside of the ATX Team. It would seem that even though she is an android, her sentience has been leading her to consider very carefully all that she is learning from being around the humans in the various Federation special weapons teams. One wonders what exactly her real mission is. It remains to be seen, however, whether she will actually act upon what she has learned.

In Summary:
For a long time now, the Earth Federation forces have been operating in the dark, betrayed from within and faced with powerful foes outside. Faced with the invasion of the Inspectors and the continued terrorist activity of the Neue DC, things look rather bleak. But the time has finally come to begin the counter attack. It will start with liberating the Dukedom of Riksent from the malicious clutches of Archibald Grimms. The battle is dangerous and tricky, as Grimms is never one to play fair. In the end, however, a princess can make a difference. The battles continue to be fairly well orchestrated, and the fights do not leave much time to sit and ponder. The questions left to be answered, however, is whether the Earthlings will be able to repulse the invasion of the Inspectors, and how long will it take to do so. We might have an answer over the next fifteen or so episodes.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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