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  • Audio Rating: NA
  • Video Rating: NA
  • Packaging Rating: NA
  • Menus Rating: NA
  • Extras Rating: NA
  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Crunchyroll
  • Running time: 24
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #24

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #24 Anime Review

By G.B. Smith     March 21, 2011
Release Date: March 20, 2011

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector
© Crunchyroll

It's time for the main event. The Inspectors are trying to hold their own against the Einst at the White Star. Perhaps this will create a much needed opening for the Earth to stage a counterattack.

What They Say
With many of its central personnel lost in the war, the Earth Federation Government is forced to rebuild, and Brian Midcrid, president of the Unified Colonies, takes the position of its president. During an emergency session of the Federation Diet, he publicly acknowledges the existence of extraterrestials, and reveals the events of the L5 campaign to the masses in what will later come to be called the "Tokyo Declaration". He goes on to state that these aliens pose a serious threat to humanity.

President Midcrid continues, asking for the colonies to unite with earth, and to expand their military forces in a plan called the "Aegis Plan". Under the plan, new weapons are developed, and more mechs are mass produced as the entire planet's defense network is strengthened. But threats still lurk in the shadows. The remnants of Bian Zoldark's "Divine Crusaders". Those within the Federation and its army who plot to turn it into a military dictatorship. And none have yet realized...that the true threats are coming from a world "so close, yet so very far away", and a world of silence...

The planet is being invaded by foes from a parallel world, and from the past.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After a new opening song and credit sequence, we aboard the Kurogane. It seems that some crew members have hidden talents. Elzam wants to be...a patissier? Who knew. Apparently Ibis has a sweet tooth, and Lamia is worried whenever Kusuha puts a drink before her. With good reason, as the last time she accepted a drink from Kusuha, her special energy cocktail, even Lamia's robotic systems experienced a temporary failure. Kusuha assures her it's just regular juice. Latooni gives Ryusei her own special cooking, which makes Mai suddenly jealous, while Seolla gives Arado an extra large portion, which opens the door to teasing about her body fat (what body fat?) and bear panties (of course, what would a comedic interlude be without bear panties?).

Of course, our nice quite interlude, where Excellen tells Kyousuke that she feels at home, is broken up by the grating whine of the alert klaxon and the call for the crew to go to battle stations. That's because they are coming up on the L5 Star, where the Inspectors are currently holding off an endless number of Einst who are continuing to attack them. Lefina intends to take advantage of the situation and attack the Inspectors' command ship and take out as much enemy firepower as they can. This is no longer a recon mission but an attempt to soften up the Inspectors' forces as much as possible. The Inspectors are not playing now, and they intend to use all of their firepower, including their main weapon, the Diaus cannon. In the meantime, Shadow Mirror is also there, with Vindel Mauser planning to escape using their teleportation device if necessary. Axel intends to head out to fight, to provide them with cover if necessary for their escape. Lemon sends Echidna to guard him.

The battle rages in space as the EFA forces now assault the Inspectors. They have their hands full trying to fend off the Earthlings. But the Inspectors' main target is the Kurogane, which they target several times with their Diaus cannon. They make one hit, and as the danger increases, there's only one choice: Major Kai orders a direct assault by the ATX Team, the Cybuster and the Valsione against the enemy battleship. To get there, they have to go through Sikalog. And so they do that, literally, as Kyousuke takes him out. The next Inspector to fall is Aguija, who is ripped apart by Masaki and his talking cats. Vigagi is now enraged and wants to use their ship to annihilate the Earthlings, but it doesn't look like the Diaus cannon will be firing again. The Granzon destroys its emitter, and then Shu takes out Vigagi's unit. He notes dryly that the Inspectors provided the Earthlings with the technology (apparently, the Inspectors seeded technology among other races in order to later conquer and harvest the uses to which that information had been put), and so it is only fitting that it be used to destroy the Inspectors.

With the Inspectors' main ship destroyed and several of their lead pilots dead, it must be time to bring on the Shadow Mirror side. And right on cue, Axel and his force appears. He orders W16 Echidna to attack Lamia, ordering her to surpass W17. Axel, of course, immediately heads for Kyousuke to continue his endless battle against "Beowulf." Kyousuke, of course, has his own good reason to fight against Axel: the world he and Vindel Mauser aspire to, a world of endless conflict, is something he abhors, and will fight to stop. Ironic, that it requires fighting to stop fighting. The fight between Kyousuke and Axel is fairly even, though at one point Kyousuke gets the upper hand in driving Axel back. This provides an opening for Lamia to attempt a direct sword attack on Axel, intending to kill him. It would have succeeded, if Echidna had not interposed herself between the sword and Axel. So it is Echidna who receives the death blow. Her dying words to Axel are to remind him that her orders were to make sure he survived (along with herself, but that second order cannot now be obeyed), since Lemon would be sad if he died.

We end with the fight unfinished.

In Summary:
The deaths start happening fast and furious for the bad guys, as we are nearing the end of the story. It was a long time in coming, but the Inspectors are finally meeting the fates that they deserved for their unprovoked attack on the Earth. It appears that the technological advances of the Earthlings were far ahead of where the Inspectors expected them to be, and they are paying the price for their arrogance. The personal battle between Axel and Kyousuke also gets a new round, though it is not finished, as neither is dead yet. And the Head Inspector has not been defeated at this point either. Perhaps next episode.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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