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Palmiotti talks about taking on the Teen of Steel.

By Rob Allstetter     August 23, 2001

Cover art for SUPERBOY #94
© 2001 DC Comics

Jimmy Palmiotti is taking SUPERBOY in a new direction when he and Dan DiDio take over as writers with #94 in November.

"Dan and my plans are to take the amazing job Joe Kelly has done with the book and take it a little more down to earth and simplify the basics of the character," Palmiotti says. "Really go in and make #94 a great time to pick up the series if you never read it, and an even better time if you have.

"We already have laid out what's going to happen in the book till issue #100, so I hope people will check out what we are up to and have a great time reading it. There are a lot of cool events and changes coming in Superboy's world."

DiDio, is a senior vice-president of creative affairs at Mainframe Entertainment, who has also worked with Palmiotti on developing the GATECRASHER animated series for MTV.

Palmiotti says to look for Superboy to move to a new part of Metropolis and face problems such as getting an apartment.

"He has a somewhat newer history in the DC Universe, so everything we do can be easily researched," Palmiotti says. "That and the fact that he is a young guy with super powers that are still being discovered, and who wants to go out, party all night long and flirt like a demon. You gotta love that!"

John McCrea and James Hodgkins are the new artists for Superboy, with J.G. Jones providing covers.


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