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Tyler Mane Returns as Myers in HALLOWEEN 2 (Article) - 11/4/2008 12:42:23 AM

<p>Pointless scenes and Zombie childhood memories of trailer park life,this movie took a crap on a classic. No I have never directed a feature film and apparently you don't have to know how in order to do it as eveidenced by Rob Zombie's seemingly endless list of crappy gore shock trailertrash films. And please no credit to Zombie for 'writing' this crap because picking up the original script of Halloween,taking a few scenes out and then writing in: &quot;trailertrash mom enters with blah blah blah&quot; and &quot;INT STRIP&nbsp;CLUB of TRAILER&nbsp;PARK blah blah blah&quot; is not writing. Young Michael beating the piss out of a kid in the woods diminished the impact of him killing his sister which the catalyst scene of the original. Not knowing why this cute kid killed his sister and the innocent look on his face when they pull the clown off in the original sets the mystery tone for the rest of the film. Zombie shows me a long haired trailer park kid with a stripper mom,abusive mom's boyfriend,coke head sister,asshole sister's boyfriend and the abuse of animals by young Michael....well shit after that kind of childhood no wonder he went crazy. So now you set up your movie in this psuedo realistic world of trailers and cheap beer so million dollar question: WHAT&nbsp;THE&nbsp;HELL&nbsp;MAKES&nbsp;HIM&nbsp;UNSTOPPABLE? Crap on top of crap is what this movie was. Great musician,bad horror movie maker unless of course you are into B film gore-snore fests set in trailer park america.</p>

Top Maniacal Rumors: Howard Cheadled, Spidey Loveless and Speedy Jason (Article) - 10/24/2008 7:02:32 AM

<p>1) If the money was enough for Cheadle then Howard got a little greedy. Cheadle isn't coming to the set for peanuts...</p> <p>2) Dunst was always the 'thing' that seemed off in the Spidey movies like Katie Holmes in Batman Begins. In the comics Mary Jane is super model hot but still intelligent and caring. Jagged tooth Dunst is verrrrryyy far away from what MJ is supposed to be.</p> <p>3) Jeez the DVD isn't even out yet, lets give Nolan his much deserved vacation. We all know deep down he is wanting to finish his trilogy. WB is foolish to keep all of their other projects in holding patterns though.</p> <p>4) No offense but how long would it have to be for Ryan Reynolds to be too old for Flash. It would be based on Barry Allen and Reynolds is at least 10 years away from looking 35. But WB needs to jump on this because Batman is all they got right now.</p>

Feige says DR. STRANGE movie is a priority (Article) - 10/23/2008 4:57:40 PM

<p>I think it could work... I mean how ridiculous does everything sound in the Harry Potter universe and yet it isn't cheesey. Eye of Agamotto sounds a little more serious than a Muggle and Hogwarts. Do it Marvel- snag that Potter fanbase since that series is about over(really stick it to WB haha)</p>

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/13/2008 8:27:16 AM

Well that clears it all up.. hehe I was completely satisfied though with the Hulk wielding the triangular shield and the super soldier moves displayed by Blonsky. It was all enough coupled with Iron Man having the shield in his lab. Very much looking forward to the new Captain America movie. BUT Leterrier should apologize or pony up the footage he was talking about.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/9/2008 12:54:10 PM

I hope this team is a hint at the actual team for the movie. They need the Hulk! Go wih this team and then in the sequal introduce Hawkeye,Black Widow,Falcon and the Scarlett Witch. The 90s Fox show wasn't bad- the armor was dumb but the episodes that had Iron Man and Cap were good. I still watch my Avengers cartoon every now and then.

Fox chief talks DAREDEVIL reboot (Article) - 10/6/2008 8:01:52 AM

Remember this is FOX talking not really Marvel Studios Fox has Daredevil and can do whatever they want and apparently they want to go the route of reboot in the tone of Dark Knight. There won't be cameos of Fury or Stark- Fox has a few of Marvel's characters like X-Men,Wolvie,Fantastic Four. Just move ahead with the story and don't repeat the origin and I'll watch it. The director's cut was much better than the theatrical version.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/6/2008 7:56:40 AM

NEVER MIND- found the answer: The circular shield most associated with Captain America made its debut in Captain America Comics #2 (April 1941). A convex metal disc approximately 2.5 feet in diameter, it is virtually indestructible and has remained his most constant shield over the decades. Again through retroactive continuity, it is established that the shield was presented to Rogers by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[1] The shield is created by a fictional American metallurgist named Dr. Myron MacLain, who had been commissioned by the US government to create an indestructible armor material to aid the war effort. MacLain experiments with vibranium, an alien metal found only in Wakanda that has unique vibration absorption properties. Captain America vol. 5, #5 (May 2005). Cover art by Steve Epting.During one of his experiments to fuse vibranium with an experimental iron alloy,[2] MacLain falls asleep and awakens to find the experiment a success. However, this is due to an unknown catalyst entering the process during his slumber, and he is unable to duplicate the result. The vibranium-iron alloy mix is then poured into a mold for a tank's upper hatch to create the disc shape and painted to become Captain America's symbol. Rogers' indestructible shield was long referred to, even in continuity, as being composed of an adamantium-vibranium alloy. This contradicted earlier established continuity, as adamantium is only developed after Rogers is revived from suspended animation, during MacLain's later experiments to try and duplicate the material of the shield. Adamantium makes its first appearance in Marvel Comics in Avengers Vol. 1 #66, July 1969. The adamantium-vibranium error first appears in the Captain America entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (the composition of the shield is accurately described in the adamantium entry as "vibranium-iron") and was propagated in several subsequent stories by writers using the Handbook as a reference. An attempt to correct this was made in Captain America #303–304 (March–April 1985), which establishes that the shield is made of vibranium and an "experimental iron alloy", but that did not prevent the repetition of the "adamantium-vibranium" description over the years. The vibranium in the shield is what absorbs virtually all of the kinetic impact from any blows that the shield receives, allowing it to withstand incredible amounts of force without injuring Rogers in the process. The vibranium is also a factor in the way Rogers throws his shield: he often uses it to ricochet around a room and strike various opponents with little loss of velocity in its forward movement after each impact.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/6/2008 7:53:33 AM

I have a friend that says the shield has Adamantium like Wolverine but I don't remember ever reading that- can anyone confirm?

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/3/2008 6:03:21 AM

Favreau did what few directors could do which was create a superhero movie that was neither silly(Schumaker Batman) nor overbearingly serious(Daredevil) and he accomplished taking a lesser known character and made him a household name. IMO Iron Man was a much better accomplishment than Batman Begins and I can only imagine Iron Man 2 will be phenomenal. As for Dark Knight- that was a movie in a whole different stratosphere and can't be touched by any Marvel film past present or future...because it's Batman and Gotham. But thats okay because I love both Marvel and DC books and movies. Heck Pacino's Scarface will never compare to Brando's Godfather but both those films were fantastic. What I like the most is that Favreau and Nolan's films will inspire future films to be equal in quality which is great news for us. I can't wait for Avengers and I know it will cause WB and DC to churn out a good Justice League. Thank you Favreau and Nolan for a great summer- and props to Norton for a good Hulk movie even if boxoffice didn't reflect.

The CW tumbles for 'The Graysons' (Article) - 10/1/2008 9:40:34 AM

Dear CW/WB, Your current audience is primarily teens and young adults due to the surprising success of 'Gossip Girl','One Tree Hill' and '90210'. Now don't get me wrong...I am a comic book geek from way back and I am a longtime fan of Superman so I have watched and stuck with Smallville even though it isn't the best interpretation of the man of steel. It has moments- but it has lasted because of the attractive young cast as with all your shows. The CW/WB model type kids/young adults that frequent everyone of your shows is the draw, but lets just for a moment assume you want to appeal to comic book fans also. No,no,no to 'The Graysons'. It will fail faster than 'Runaway' and 'Jack and Bobby', if it lasts as long as 'Birds of Prey' you will still cancel it. So here is an idea since obviously you want to replace 'Smallville': Riverview High School is home to 5 teens with 'gifts',to the school they are the outcasts who reside at an orphanage/home run by John Jones(J'onn J'onnz the Martian)and a female to be determined(Barbara Gordon maybe?). The Riverview Titans has an athletic program unrivaled while the Private School across town is the Academic whiz(home to teen villains in training). See where I'm going? Your five outcasts who deal with everyday teen life and love while fighting crime and protecting the city are Tim Drake or Dick Grayson as Robin,Raven the goth girl with mystical power,Starfire brought to earth by the martian to protect her,Cyborg from 'Smallville'and either 'Impulse' Wally West or a shape shifter code named Beastboy(save on the f/x and go with Impulse),across town is the Private School run by headmaster Slade. So with that premise you can revisit high school as with your other shows and still bring in comic book fans- think of it as: the Gossip Girl school vs West Beverly high with teen superheroes. It has potential to be your next 'Smallville'- meaning it can run for about 5 yrs maybe longer and still hit your target demographic. That is alot more interesting than a family of trapeze artists and a kid who eventually becomes Robin- if he never becomes Robin and Batman isn't in the show then why would anyone watch? Sincerely, Cliff Rivera actor/writer


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