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Superman Celebration - Part 3

By Aaron Andrews     June 23, 2008

Today we wrap up Aaron Andrew's visit to Metropolis for the Superman Celebration. In Part 1, Aaron gave an overview of the carnival like event, and presented a Q & A with actors Ned Beatty (Otis in the original Superman movies) and Noel Niell (Lois Lane from the original TV series).

In Part 2 the second leg of the fan Q & A with 'Smallville' star Allison Mack as well as Beatty and Niell.

Here's the rest of the transcript of the Q & A, along with Aaron's parting thoughts.

Q: what made you decide to try out for the part of Chloe?

Allison Mack: Cause I was an out of work Actress! [Crowd laughter and Ned raises hand and fist in solidarity]...and I needed a job. It’s interesting, when I first auditioned for 'Smallville' for Chloe, a friend of mine was the casting director and she said “it’s the best show, it’s going to be the best show, you have to come out and shoot for it!” But they’d already hired Kristen Kruk for Lana.

Q: I’m asking this question for a friend of mine, she’s a fan of Chloe and Lex and she was wondering if you were disappointed in not kissing Michael Rosenbaum.

Allison Mack: HAHA! No... HAHAHA! [crowd laughter]

Q: Allison, I have a question for you. Seeing how next season of 'Smallville' may be the last there’s no longer Miles and Al and ‘no tights no flights’ will we get a chance to possibly see Tom in the costume and ah...

Allison Mack: That was more Tom’s rule than it was Al’s or Miles.

Q: Really?

Allison Mack: yeah. Tom’s the one that says ‘no tights no flight’

Q: So it’s not a possibility?

Allison Mack: Afraid not... You’ll see tights on Justin Hartman!

Q: I was wondering about the writers’ strike and what you did in your down time.

Allison Mack: I think it’s really interesting, it speaks to the fact that the industry is changing really drastically and really quickly. It’s a testament for where the industry is going and what we’re doing. The focus and how it’s shifted and how things work with the internet and things like that. So...As for which side I’m on I’d rather not say. But um...I think it’s a really interesting thing. And what I did in my down time was, I took some time off I just went and spent some time with friends and family. And kinda did that.

Q: Allison, what is the one thing you hope Chloe can do this year?

Allison Mack: What’s the one thing that I hope that Chloe can do this year? Um, harness her powers. I want her to understand what she’s doing and how she can do it.

Q: Allison, I was wondering when playing Chloe if you’d had any previous experience in journalism, like in school or anything?

Allison Mack: No, I didn’t at all, but um, I’ve played characters that are smarter than I am, I think Chloe is an incredibly intelligent character and she’s a lot smarter than I am. I’ve played characters that are a lot smarter than I am and I just become good friends with my dictionary!

Q: so um, personality wise, what are the differences between you and Chloe?

Allison Mack: uh, I’m not quite as ambitious, well I don’t know. Chloe is quite a bit more tenacious than I am. I have a tendency to be a lot more easygoing and kind of relaxed about things, whereas Chloe doesn’t let anything go. And she’s a little bit more hardnosed than I am. I’m just a little bit more relaxed. I think that’s the biggest difference. I also don’t think I have as much guts as she has. There are certain scenes that I’m shooting and I’m like “Dude, this girl’s brave!”

Q: I’ve heard you sing, and I was wondering what your favorite band was.

Allison Mack: What my favorite band is… I like a lot of different musicians but I think right now the music that’s playing in my cd player is Beck. I don’t know if you guys know Beck, but he’s one of my most favorites. So I’m going to say Beck, yeah.

Q: So what is the weirdest scene they’ve made you shoot on Smallville, where you were like “what?”

Allison Mack: the weirdest thing they’ve made me shoot on Smallville and I was like “what?” Um... oh my God, there have been so many! I think when Clark burns the hole in my chest and pulls out the little tracker thing and that was pretty strange shooting that ‘cause it was essentially just staring at Tom and screaming as though he was burrowing something lasers into my you know, chest. That was a little strange. Also being strapped down to tables with lasers kind of poking all over you and I’m wearing a little tube top and stuff, that’s a bit strange as well. There’s lots.

After the Q&A, more people in costume came out. All in all, it was a good week. I got several pictures of characters with my kids, learned things about people and had a great time with my family.

Now only if there was a way to be in more than one place at one time at an event like this…


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